Elizabeth Dole Brings McCain for President Bus to N. Carolina Christian Coalition

From North Carolina news-site ENCToday:

Sen. Elizabeth Dole will ride a McCain for President bus into New Bern on Monday for the Craven-Pamlico Christian Coalition’s 15th annual God and Country Banquet.

Dole and state Sen. Robert Pittenger, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, are the main speakers for the event, which is expected to have more than 500 people attending.

Details about the Craven-Pamlico Christian Coalition are scarce, although its chair, Rev Walter Leake, pines for the return of “blue laws”. At the 2006 banquet, five state Supreme Court justices paid their respects, as well as a Superior Court Judge who gushed that Leake was “a saint”.

At this year’s event, speakers include

…Stan Goodenough, a Christian Zionist from Jerusalem, and Bishop Saint Okorafor of Nigeria.

Goodenough will be familar to anyone who reads OneNewsNow; his blog is here, and includes postings on subjects such as “The myth of the moderate Muslim“:

To drive off the fog and help you keep a clear mind, I suggest that whenever you hear a Muslim described as “moderate” remind yourself that he/she is a bad Muslim and, consequently, less of a threat to you.

When you hear the term “radical Muslim,” replace that adjective with the word “good,” and be warned that he/she poses a very grave threat indeed.

The key, of course, is that for Goodenough a devout religious believer is a fundamentalist religious believer. Goodenough distances himself from specifically “apocalyptic” Christian Zionism, although for some reason he has deleted his strange entry on “More thoughts on Israel and the End Times” (it can be seen on Wayback).

Okorafor, meanwhile, runs a number of churches in Nigeria, which he calls “Bible Life Centers”, and he enjoys support from the Edward Christian Church in North Carolina (1).

(1) See Howard Foltz, Healthy Churches in a Sick World,  Xulon Press, 2002, p. 196.

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  1. This should definitely be good for the Republican base.

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