Walid Shoebat Meets G. Gordon Liddy

Media Matters logs some particularly clownish ramblings from Walid Shoebat, whose never-ending gravy-train has now brought him to The G. Gordon Liddy Show:

 [SHOEBAT:] “No one is called Hussein unless he is Muslim. So it is very clear that Barack Hussein Obama is definitely a Muslim…He is not called to be killed by the Muslims. Why do they support him? I haven’t heard a really serious testimony of his Christian conversion. A Muslim who converts to Christianity, the first thing he does is denounces Islam. Has Barack Hussein Obama denounced Islam as a false religion?…If he had converted to Christianity, he would change his name Hussein to something else. He would change his name Barack to something else.

The best discussion I have seen of why Obama “is not called to be killed by the Muslims” can be seen here.


[SHOEBAT:] Well, when I went to a government school — you know, it wasn’t a madrassa. He was not in a madrassa school, but it was a government school. And in those schools, from fifth grade, we learned what is called Islamic eschatology, that the day of judgment will not come to pass until the tribes of Islam destroy the tribes of Israel, the Jewish people.

LIDDY: Well, would he have achieved — been exposed to those things at the age of 10, in a government school over there in Indonesia?

SHOEBAT: Yes. It would be the same thing, it would be exactly the same kind of an education system.

This has simply been pulled out of Shoebat’s backside – he has no knowledge or experience of primary education in late 1960s Indonesia. And the rest of Shoebat’s discourse is simply talking-points culled from Jermone Corsi: Obama’s supposed links to Raila Odinga, the evils of “liberation theology” and so on. There is no sign here of someone with any kind of special insight or knowledge, and every sign of a media-savvy chancer enjoying the status of “expert” simply because he is willing to pander to the prejudices of the ignorant (his preposterous forays into Biblical scholarship are of the same kind).

Shoebat also gives us a bit of extra personal background I hadn’t seen before:

And my mother’s side, her grandfather was friends with Winston Churchill…

Hating Muslims is now the Shoebat family business: I’ve blogged before on Walid’s son Theodore Shoebat, who makes anti-Muslim (and anti-science) hate videos. I noticed recently that Shoebat Junior is also a contributor to Mosquewatch, where his colleagues include none other than the absurd Pastor J. Grant Swank.

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  1. Rather than say that Shoebat’s comments are pulled out of his backside, which he may have, why not present Koran references that say, or refute, that judgment day will or will not come when the tribes of Islam destroy the tribes of Israel.

    I read hundreds of these blogs and never really have a well-defined answer, when there must be one. If there are verses in the Koran that say this, just give book and verse. Most of us can read and would be happy to look it up with some guidance.

    Also, with Barack’s middle name being Hussein, and him being ashamed to use it in public, doesn’t that add fuel to the fire that he’s trying to hide something?? What if Shoebat is right and the Manchurian candidate is a plant to destroy America. Who knows, maybe Israel will eventually have to try to save America. I’m not sure it will be worth saving after the Marxist/socialists win the election.

    What a mess we’re in!

  2. I read hundreds of these blogs and never really have a well-defined answer, when there must be one.

    Maybe you should try reading a book instead.

    Also what’s the evidence that Obama is “ashamed” of his middle name?

  3. Shoebat is correct in inferring that if Obama is not a truly converted Christian (i.e. one who has truly come to Christ in being born again – John 3:3,5), he has not dissociated from his Islamic roots. As one of Asian descent from a non-Christian, dual-religion background I can attest to this as well…

    That should rest the case about questioning Senator Obama’s national loyalties, since Islamic eschatology (a polar opposite to pro-Israel Judeo-Christian eschatology) is intimately tied with anti-American nationalism. In addition. Sen. Obama is unconsciously under pressure by Muslim voters to not disappoint them either…

  4. How can anyone tell if a politician is truly “born again”? McCain only got into bed with Parsley and Hagee against his better judgement (and he regretted it) while Sarah Palin, a Pentecostal, appears to have fallen short of Biblical standards in her role as governor. Certainly Obama doesn’t appear to be a conservative evangelical, but he has never claimed to be.

    That should rest the case about questioning Senator Obama’s national loyalties,

    How? Why? This is just re-hash of the old “JFK is loyal to Rome” scaremongering of 1960 (except that in that case JFK actually was a Catholic).

  5. Islam is a govenment system shroded as a religion seeking to rule the world. Plain and simple Christians do not cut off your head if you do not convert to Christianity however, that is not the case with Islam.

  6. An open challenge for you Sir.
    Mr. Bartholomew ,

    Are you a former PLO member ? Walid Shoebat and Kamal Saleem ? They have more knowledge about the Koran, the Hadiths and Islam than you will ever learn in your life. Both of these people are against Islamic terror. You seem too be picking a fight with people that want too save your neck from the knife of Islamic terror when if falls upon you. You are ignorant about Islam. That is not a personal attack, that is a fact. You speak of things, which you have no knowledge of. I suggest you read a few books.

    Start with the Koran, then follow up with Sahih Bukhari, and the rest of the Hadiths. Pastor Swank is a good and decent man. I find it interesting that you would rather defame a Pastor, and not defame the jihadist scum that would slit your throat while screaming “Allahu Ackbar”.

    In ending , put your money where your mouth is. Stand up and show me your face. Make an account on youtube, or on clipser ( http://www.clipser.com ) get a video camera and make a video. It is an open challenge. Best of wishes for you and yours.

    Jeff Davis

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