CAIR: Joseph Farah Threatens Libel Action

From WND:

Now consider how dangerous it is for me when the spokesman for this Islamic lobby, with countless connections to terrorism, asserts this prima facie libelous mischaracterization about me – an Arab-American seen by some in the Arab world as a traitor because of his pro-American stands, his commitment to Jesus Christ and his defense of the Jews.

Hooper put a target on my back.

As I blogged yesterday, Ibrahim Hooper of CAIR had dismissed the new WND book Why We Left Islam with the accusation that Farah had once suggested that pig’s blood should be air-dropped across Afghanistan. Farah denies this, although he fails to tell us that he did once publish a column by another author suggesting that the US should drop leaflets over the country threatening to put pig’s blood into Kabul’s water supply (this was in late September 2001). Of course the inaccuracy should be corrected, but Hooper’s garbled version hardly amounts to putting “a target” on Farah’s back. However, Farah is desperate to generate a controversy around the book, hence the feeble suggestion of some kind of threat to his person.

Farah goes on to ponder the possibility of legal action, asking us questions like “Will I get a fair shake in America’s politically correct courtrooms?” and “Are there sharp lawyers brave enough to take my case?” He also commends Michael Savage’s legal efforts against CAIR:

My friend Michael Savage is doing just that – and I commend him for it. But I know the sacrifice he is making by getting down into the gutter with these people. I would urge you to contribute to his legal defense fund so he can pursue his lawsuit against CAIR for as long as it takes to win.

As I blogged at the time, Savage’s original legal suit was dismissed in March, although he was allowed to submit an amended version. However, if Farah finds being accused of anti-Muslim hate so objectionable, why he so keen to identify with a man whose whole reputation is based on vulgar rants about Muslims “getting on…all-fours and braying to Mecca” and suchlike?

UPDATE: More today.

UPDATE 2: Terry Krepel of Conwebwatch observes that:

Since WND is less a “news” website than a platform to advance the personal views and agenda of its founder and editor — Farah — it’s a logical assumption that Farah condones, if not approves, such actions. For Farah to narrowly defend himself and portray CAIR’s claim as completely baseless is disingenuous and a cynical attempt to sell books.

And as for Farah’s demand that the New York Daily News, which printed Hooper’s comment, should give him right of reply, Krepel

…WND regularly attacks people and organizations without giving them an opportunity to respond — columnist Olivia St. John is just one recent example. And “print[ing] accurate and truthful statements about known individuals – named or not” is simply not WND is known for, despite what Farah would like us to believe — just ask Clark Jones. Or Barack Obama. Or Islamic Relief. Or Michael Schaivo. Or Teresa Heinz Kerry. Or…

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  1. Savage and Farah are both patriots personified. You and your like will not recognize the end of our existence until the Islamofascists are setting up Sharia law and ready to remove you.

  2. The threat from Islamic extremism is easily identified; the threat from demagogues and opportunists who wrap themselves in “patriotism” is often more difficult to discern. Savage in particular appeals to the basest instincts and prejudices, and as such has nothing sensible to offer.

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  5. Farah must not keep up with the news. Savage’s case against CAIR was thrown out last year. This is probably a ploy by Farah to promote yet another “legal fund.”

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