Colin Dye Distances Himself from Michael Reid

From Before I Forget, the blog of Simon Jones:

When the CCTV, headed by ‘Bishop’ Reid, put out their infamous “Gay aim” billboard earlier this year, I checked their website to see who else was in a position of influence within the organisation. Kensington Temple’s, Pastor Colin Dye, was named as ‘co-founder’ of the group so I decided to email the Revd Dye and ask him if perhaps it would be wise to reign in the Bishop who was clearly prone to unpleasant and unnecessarily confrontational outbursts. (You can read that email in the comments here.)

I looked at the Reid scandal yesterday. Colin Dye is a well-known Charismatic Christian leader in London:

His first response seemed somewhat defensive. However, in a telephone conversation with me this afternoon, Revd Colin Dye was keen to put as much distance between himself and the ‘Bishop’ as possible.

“I’d not heard or participated in the CCTV for quite some time, knew nothing about this poster, and the point is that he [Michael Reid] wouldn’t necessarily go and involve people in the committee meeting and say this is what we want to do and have you got any ideas. He would just sort of act independently on that.” Claimed Pastor Dye.

“I haven’t had a conversation with him in ages, and I had no idea he was putting posters out in the name of CCTV.” He continued.

Dye went on to tell me that he himself resigned from the CCTV this morning on learning the news of Reid’s affair.

Michael Reid: Peniel Ex-Members Speak Out

The Reachout Trust is a British Evangelical Christian organisation that seeks to oppose religious movements which it considers to be harmful or “false”. It hosts a number of discussion forums, including one devoted to Bishop Michael Reid (see yesterday). There various members and ex-members of his church have been having their say over the past few days, many complaining that the church mistreated them. However, as insiders and ex-insiders they have some extra details and allegations that are of interest. Here are extracts from the most striking posts:

It has emerged that allegedly Michael Reid has committed adultery and under pressure admitted this. Well, as an ex-member of peniel there is no surprise there! I have been 99% convinced that it had been going on for some time and the only surprise is that it has taken this long to come out. – Priscilla

If this is all correct it is very good news that Michael Reid’s cruel regime is drawing to an end. The great hypocrisy here is how harshly he has dealt with those who have committed similar misdemeanours in recent years. I know of some members who have been belittled and slandered from Reid’s pulpit because of extra marital relationships. – Nigel Davies

When Jimmy Swaggart resigned from his ministry after serious failings, I remember Michael Reid boasting that it could never happen to him. “It’s impossible” he proclaimed from the pulpit. Michael Reid felt that he was above such sin because he had God’s faith and faith that worked miracles. Miracles, healing, faith. You have no doubt heard and seen the claims. – John

Michael Reid has been involved in an EIGHT Year affair with a woman in the church. It was NOT Michael Reid who came forward with the information but the woman, who said she could not take the guilt any longer. How long would this man have continued with the lie…? –  sam cleminson

I left Peniel with nothing, no home of my own (I had lost mine), no savings, I had remained in debt while giving as much as I could, first to buy Reid’s home debt free – Testimony House – and then Brizes Park. It’s a delusion to claim Peniel was built ‘debt free’ – it was the church members who were laden with debt. I was given flawed financial advice by Reid’s financial advisors, and felt compelled to do business with them, believing it would benefit the church. My finances were wrecked. I felt guilty spending time on personal projects instead of spending my spare time working in the church etc. I felt guilty about doing anything for myself pretty much most of the time. – Jacob

There are also other allegations (nothing to do with sex). Reid has reportedly now made a quick exit to the USA.