Pan Macmillan Afraid to Publish Tom Cruise/Scientology Book in Australia

Looks as though you don’t have to be a Saudi billionaire to hinder the distribution of a critical book. From the Sydney Morning Herald:

Pan Macmillan will not print a local edition of the book Tom Cruise, An Unauthorised Biography in Australia due to legal concerns, a move that has been labelled an act of censorship.

But the book, which alleges that Scientology played a major role in the breakdown of the marriage between Hollywood superstar Cruise and Nicole Kidman, will still be imported for sale at independent bookshops.

Scientologists have denied claims by the book’s author, Andrew Morton, that Kidman was threatened with blackmail if she spoke out against the controversial religion.

…Two major book retailers, Dymocks and Angus & Robertson, have also said they have legal concerns about the book and will not import copies directly from the US publisher, St Martin’s Press.

However, the US edition will be available from independent bookshops.

I looked at the history of Church of Scientology legal threats (and worse) against journalists back in November.

Hat tip: Bulldada Newsblog