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Over to Shelby Corbitt:

Oh well, maybe this guy will have better luck:

Nostradamus prophesied the death of Princess Diana, her “temple” at Althorp, and her reappearance to the world as a miraculous apparition. This final event may take place in October 2008 near the eve of World War III.

…If Toutatis is the asteroid predicted by Nostradamus, it will smash into the Aegean or Ionian sea part-way through the reign of Hieron (anagram of Chiren) in July 2008…Pop superstar and Kabbalah high priestess Madonna may be a personification of the “Whore of Babylon” who appears in the Book of Revelation…

…A potentially spectacular and dangerous “comet” or other celestial body is revealed in ancient prophetic text and may portend a great loss of human and animal life between May 2008 and November 2009. Is Comet McNaught a harbinger of this menace from outer space? Or is it the Mabus “death star?”.

Meanwhile, the Pagan Prattle has a comprehensive round-up.