“Master of the Black Arts” to Speak at Springbok Club

From the website of the London-based Springbok Club:

2008 AGM  –  to be followed by a special tribute to long-standing Springbok Club/ELC ExCo member Bill Binding, who sadly died in November, by his nephew Dr. John Pope-de Locksley.

The Springbok Club, which I have blogged on a couple of times in the past, agitates for the return of white rule over Africa. Its leader is Alan Harvey, a former National Front organizer who for a time edited SA Patriot, a far-right newsletter which was recently the subject of spirited discussion on Wikipedia, where Harvey explains that it only included articles with titles such as “Know Your Kikes” because he was young and he didn’t know what the word meant (the Springbok Club is pro-Israel).

The Club came under journalistic scrutiny a few months ago, when Johann Hari noted in the New Republic that right-wing historian Andrew Roberts had spoken to the group (Roberts, inevitably, made noises about “libel”), and despite Harvey’s background the Club appears to enjoy some support from the respectable end of the radical right. A few of the Club’s speakers are billed without their names being given (e.g. an unidentified “prominent Ulster-born friend of Israel”), which suggests that at least some of those involved wish to keep their association discreet. Harvey also has links with WorldNetDaily’s South African correspondent, Anthony LoBaido.

The late Bill Binding, meanwhile, was in the news in 2001, when he attempted to join the Conservative Party:

Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith says he will be looking at whether action is needed over reports that a former deputy leader of the Ku Klux Klan in Britain has joined the Tory party.

Bill Binding, 76, from Clapton, east London, who stood for the far-right British National Party (BNP) in the 1997 election, told the Guardian he had left the klan four years ago after deciding different races were genetically alike…

His nephew Pope-de Locksley runs Jack the Ripper tours of east London, and on his website he is described  as “a master of the black arts, a third degree witch and Odinist…a natural shaman and master of Yoga and other preternatural mysteries and systems”. He also claims to be a descendant of Robin Hood, as well as being of “blood line to Jack the Ripper and Dracula”. For several decades he and his occultist associate David Farrant have been in a feud with Sean Manchester, a bishop of the Old Catholic Church who pops up on TV from time to time with tales of battling vampires and other paranormal manifestations. Bishop Manchester has a website entitled Aftermath of the Highgate Vampire, which contains a number of purported photos of Pope-de Locksley and contains a number of allegations about his past occultic activities. Pope-de Locksley also styles himself as ” King of Ibogonia, Ofrika & Ife in Nigeria”, which perhaps would particularly impress the Springbok Club, and has been dubbed “The Scariest Man in London”.

Moving on into 2008, the Springbok Club will again be addressed by Prof David Marsland, whom I blogged on previously here and here. Back in 2004 Marland gave a speech to the Club on winning the “War on Terror”, which included the prescription:

…Halt or segregate air flights into or out of Britain by Arabs.

…Strengthen anti-terrorist legislation to allow on suspicion indefinite secret imprisonment (without appeal, without visits and without any privileges), tough interrogation, and where necessary summary execution by authorised agents.

…Reduce the need for prisons in Iraq by authorising summary execution of known enemy. Throw journalists, servicemen or anyone else who seek to file lying and negative reports about conditions in terrorist prisons in Iraq or elsewhere into these same prisons for an indefinite term.

Censor prejudiced and negative reporting of the war against terrorism by British media. Neutralise by military means any Arab media providing a propaganda outlet for terrorists.

Apparently such views (which he also expressed in the magazine Right Now!) are not incompatible with being a well-known “libertarian”, at least on the libertarian-right.

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  1. […] the Springbok Club, which agitates for a return for imperialist rule over Africa. As I noted last year, the Club came under journalistic scrutiny when journalist Johann Hari noted in the New Republic […]

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  3. I was NEVER a “National Front organizer”. I was briefly and naively an ordinary member of this party OVER 35 YEARS AGO, when I was barely out of my teens. Could you please tell me why this ancient and obscure mistake of my youth is considered relevant today?

    • Perhaps why “this ancient and obscure mistake” of Alan Harvey’s involvement with the National Front is “considered relevant” is that there seems to be some ambiguity as to how ancient and how much of a mistake it was?

      On this forum

      the claim is made that Ian Anderson “booted” Alan Harvey out of the NF (but unfortunately doesn’t give a date), which could seem to suggest a much more recent involvement. Anderson was NF leader up till 1995. Harvey started his Springbok Club a year or two after that date, could one have followed the other? Alternatively, I read somewhere that Harvey joined Mark Cotterill’s Patriotic Forum group which Cotterill formed in 1992 after he left the NF. Could then Harvey have passed from one to the other in that date?

      • The web-site quoted above doesn’t seem to exit – o I am therefore accused of being “booted” out of the NF by the wretched Ian Anderson from a totally imaginry source! I repeat, I was only a member of the National Front from shortly before the October 1974 General Election until December 1975. Any claim to the contrary is a LIE. As for Mark Cotterill, he is a Walter Mitty-style nonentity who I unfortunately had slight connections with during the early 1990s. He apparently had a personality defect which made him fall out with anyone and everyone who he came into contact with, and would make up the most far-fetched accusations about all who he irrationally came to regard as enemies. The man’s fantasy pronouncements should therefore be given no credence whatsoever.

  4. The mention of Farrant and Manchester in a blog entry discussing the BNP is interesting because both are alleged to have ties to it, themselves.

    An anonymous commentator has this to say about Farrant’s possible link:

    “What was the significance of the symbol of a rune beneath an eagle on WWP posters circulated by Farrant in the late 1970s? This same rune was being employed at the time by the extremist Column 88 group. It is now used by the BNP youth movement. There are slogans on the posters that bear an uncanny resemblance to Neo-Nazi slogans. Any comments?”

    Meanwhile, I’ve shown that Bishop Manchester occasionally plagiarises BNP sources for his own blog entries.

    Question is, are either of them affiliated with the BNP?

  5. […] groups have had speakers such as the libertarian activist Mark Taha and the occultist John Pope-de Locksley. Some speakers at the Springbok Club have chosen to keep their association low-key and their names […]

  6. Keeping in tune with the fascist theme, here’s another interesting article: http://kevchesham.blogspot.com.au/p/kevin-chesham-autobiography-first.html

  7. Still keeping in tune with the fascist theme, here’s an even more interesting series of articles:


  8. The National Socialist Irish Workers Party and National Socialist Part of the United Kingdom were run in the 1970s by Commander Terry Byrne, along with Terry Flynn (Dublin), Joss Mussche (former Dutch SS WW11), Commandant W.J. Brennan-Whitmore (survivor of the 1916 Rising, GPO, Dublin, Irish Citizens Army commanded by James Connolly, who promoted Brennan-Whitmore to Commandant in the field of battle in the GPO when he James Connolly fell wounded), Mr Day, a former Mosley Blackshirt who ran a bookshop called Carraig Books at Blackrock, Dublin. They were some of the leading members. The NSIWP was totally Nazi and was small, but when allied with the National Movement (LImerick-based from 1968-72) there were about seventy members, which rose to three hundred at the time they welcomed the Springboks to Limerick in 1969,and battled a thousand left-wingers to a standstill in the streets of Limerick. The National Movement was led by John Buckley, Janesboro, Limerick City, a striking figure and and apparently a striking orator. They controlled the streets of Limerick for a period of time. In 1977, Commander Byrne in the company of several others in Nazi attire, gave an interview to a London photographer by the name of Seán Manchester in South Hertfordshire. Their umbrella movement was given as the National Socialist Party of the United Kingdom. They claimed to be operating a cell within the NSPUK in tandem with Column 88 under the name of the League of Imperial Fascists. Commander Byrne was associated with the National Socialist Movement. Its leader, Colin Jordan, operated from the Imperial Fascist League’s pre-war headquarters at 74 Princedale Road, London W11. This became the HQ of the White Defence League (1957), the British National Party (1960) and finally the National Socialist Movement (1962).

    Terry Flynn founded the British November 9th Society in 1977.


    Seán Manchester says: “Like his pseudo-occult mentor and collaborator in malice, David Farrant, Kevin Chesham regularly bears false witness and lies in the full knowledge that he is lying. His actions are made immeasurably worse because he does not believe in his own rectitude. I personally believe a turning point for Chesham was him having a stroke in the wake of him using ‘body-building’ anabolic steroids just prior to his time in New Zealand and discovery of Kerry Bolton. Strokes can cause complete and often devastating changes in personality. This certainly happened where Chesham is concerned and nobody who knew him before those occurrences any longer recognises him. He has claimed in front of witnesses that he is a member of the BNP and has attended their functions in Essex. His conversations have revealed his strong support for the policies of such as the BNP and those even far more extreme. Most disturbing of all is his association with Kerry Bolton, founder of the Order of the Left Hand Path (renamed Ordo Sinistra Vivendi, then the Order of Deorc Fyre, and in the same year created the Black Order). Bolton was a former member of the Temple of Set (an offshoot of the Church of Satan) and was briefly secretary for the New Zealand Fascist Union. Kerry Bolton’s Order was intended to be an activist front promoting an ‘occult-fascist axis.’ A masters thesis was written about Bolton and published by the Waikato University titled ‘Dreamers of the Dark: Kerry Bolton and the Order of the Left Hand Path; a Case-study of a Satanic/Neo-Nazi Synthesis’ that dealt with the link between neo-Nazi and satanic beliefs in New Zealand. This is the man Chesham greatly admires.”


  9. David Farrant is the sole and exclusive source of all the antipathy towards Seán Manchester. Trystan Swale, Anthony Hogg, Kevin Chesham, Kevin Demant and Don Ecker all have contact with the convicted felon who provides them with his poisonous propaganda which they gleefully disseminate. They also share in common a profound dislike of orthodoxy (especially where Christianity is concerned), and all appear to have a personal agenda and an axe to grind, whether it be Seán Manchester’s religious/supernatural beliefs or sheer envy of his achievements. As well as a photographer, Seán Manchester is an ordained priest and the consecrated bishop of an autocephalous English Catholic jurisdiction. He is also a published author, artist and musician.

    Anthony Hogg is an unemployed man, born in the 1980s, and a resident of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, who has been stalking and harassing anyone sympathetic or somehow connected to the author and exorcist Seán Manchester, including the author himself, for a decade. Hogg compulsively posts abusive and derogatory statements and allegations about this man on the internet every day and into the night. His theme is always the same. He appears to many outsiders as a totally manic individual who has an unhealthy obsession with Seán Manchester and events surrounding a supernatural case about which the author and exorcist wrote a very succesful book in the previous century. The case itself occurred on the other side of the world to where Hogg lives, long before he was born. Hogg has never visited the United Kingdom and is not known to Seán Manchester beyond being a stalker who tries to cause trouble.

    Seán Manchester is a controversial figure by any standard, but I have always found him loyal, kind and considerate. He obviously has his critics — what ardent believer does not? — but there is a difference between a critic and a troll. Hogg is a troll.


  10. Oh no, not this nonsense again! I think you need to change the record Sean (aka Vebjorn) as it has become a little tiresome.

  11. “Vebjørn Hästehufvud” is Sean Manchester. Evidence: https://thevampirologist.wordpress.com/2014/04/30/my-number-one-fan/

    Manchester has plagiarised Terence Byrne’s background from a website. This one: http://www.afa-ireland.com/national-socialist-irish-workers-party-1968-late-1980s/

    He has also tried to frame burn for his own actions: Frank Thorne exposed Sean Manchester as “The Commander” in his Sunday People article, “We Unmask Phoney Nazis” (Oct. 9, 1977).

    Byrne and Manchester’s “Commander”, i.e. Manchester, look nothing alike. When Manchester tried to frame Byrne for his own actions — many years after Byrne’s passing, no less — he had no idea what Byrne looked like. I exposed Manchester’s fraud in an article I wrote called “The Byrne Identity” (Dec. 19, 2013).

    I posted photographs comparing the real Byrne with Manchester’s Byrne: Manchester than forced my blog’s closure through DMCA bombardments.

    If anyone is interested in reading a copy of the article, I will happily email it to them. The same article also reveals “Hästehufvud” (Manchester’s) various sockpuppet identities. For instance, apart from Hästehufvud, Manchester also poses as “British Occult Society.”

  12. This was one of the most informative articles on the topic I have seen. Very thorough! Highly recommended. Make sure to get a copy :)

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