Orthodox Church Backs Russian Militarism

Also: Pope is Catholic

Several days after Vladimir Putin’s decision to send long-range nuclear bombers on long-range patrol in the Pacific and Atlantic, Interfax adds a detail:

The Russian Orthodox Church gave some particles of St. Alexander Nevsky’s relics to the chapel of the headquarters of the long range air force…The ceremony…was led by Patriarch Alexy II’s vicar Bishop Amvrosy of Bronnitsy.

The bishop greeted the long range air force on the occasion of recommencement patrolling faraway regions and the fifth anniversary of dedication of St. Elijah’s Chapel at the headquarters.

The report adds that all the bombers are blessed by the church, and that the chapel already contains a relic of St Theodore Ushakov (var. Theodore Ouchakoff); Ushakov was an admiral of the Napoleonic era who captured Ionia from the French and who was noted for his piety and periods spent in monasteries.

Last week, Alexy praised Russia’s recent submarine visit to the North Pole, which was undertaken to bolster Russian claims over the area:

‘It was the first time that a Russian expedition, having reached the North Pole, made a 13,000ft dive and set a Russian flag on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. Thereby they rose our country’s prestige and demonstrated unique features of our underwater machines and professionalism of the crew…This expedition proves that Russia is rightfully called a great polar power,’

(Name variations: Theodore Ouchakoff; Theodore Ouchakov; Theodore Ushakov; Fedor Ouchakoff; Fedor Ouchakov; Fedor Ushakov; Fyodor Ouchakoff; Fyodor Ouchakov; Fyodor Ushakov; Feodor Ouchakoff; Feodor Ouchakov; Feodor Ushakov)

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