Brim Tidings

Christian Zionist wants Dome of the Rock destroyed

David Brog is the (non-Christian) Executive Director of Christians United for Israel. Back in May there was a bit of a controversy when it was noted that the CUFI website carried a logo which showed a view of Jerusalem from which the Dome of the Rock was missing. Brog expressed surprise when this was pointed out, and had the picture replaced with an undoctored one which included the world-renowned 1,300-year-old architectural masterpiece. Brog explained that

“If there is any doubt, I didn’t want that picture…I don’t want people to be able to attribute to us an agenda that does not exist. We were looking for a pretty picture of Jerusalem and nothing more.”

Also that month, Brog was part of a “Night to Honor Israel” in Wisconsin:

CUFI Regional Director Billye Brim and CUFI Executive Director David Brog brought the audience to their feet with their messages of solidarity between Christians and Jews.

Now, at Talk to Action, Bruce Wilson has found a couple of audio excerpts in which Billye Brim talks about her views concerning the Dome of the Rock. First, from the high-profile 17 July Night to Honor Israel, in Washington D.C. (which I blogged on here):

Yerushalayim, in Yerushalayim there is a hill, where Abraham offered Isaac, Moriah, the Temple Mount. On that hill there is a rock [Dramatic pause] where a holy arch stood. Today there’s a dome over the rock. [Dramatic pause] God has a plan for that hill.

But what is the plan? Bruce extracts another Brim sermon:

We’ll see it come down. Lots of other people have prayed it, God’s put it all together. We just happen to be the ones that were there on November the ninth, the date of Kristallnacht, the date that the Berlin Wall fell over, and he had us there. And he had us saying “that Dome is coming down!” [ululation] Hallelujah, Glory be to God! Bless the name of Jesus.