US Defense Dept-Approved Org Sends Arabic Evangelising Materials to Iraq

Arabic Josh McDowell Book Given to Soldiers

Max Blumenthal introduces us to Jonathan Spinks, kickboxing champion and evangelist who (helped by Stephen Baldwin) runs “Operation Straight Up“, which provides entertainment for serving US soldiers. Blumenthal directs us to an American Forces Press Service report:

OSU Tour is one of the newest members of the Defense Department’s America Supports You program, which connects citizens and corporations with members of the military and their families at home and abroad. Spinks said he expects to include the America Supports You banner on stage during performances.

…The entertainment provided by OSU Tour is diverse and includes sports personalities, comedians, actors, and even the Flying Wallendas and their death-defying feats on the high wire. Those appearing on behalf of OSU Tour present wholesome, family-oriented entertainment that’s also of interest to single men and women, Spinks said.

…”We obviously are very interested in going to Iraq,” Spinks said. “They’ve been encouraging us to go to Germany, which we’re also working on.”

That was back in April; Spinks’ website now boasts of an upcoming “Military Crusade in Iraq”, and various initiatives including the mailing of “Freedom Packets” of religious materials to soldiers serving in the country. These include, as Blumenthal notes, Josh McDowell’s More than a Carpenter – although it seems that more than just soldiers are being targeted here:

…We can only hope that since the book is double printed on the reverse side in the Arabic language that it will indeed influence the nations overseas as well.

Also in the packets is a video game: none other than the controversial Left Behind: Eternal Forces, based on Tim LaHaye’s apocalyptic novels in which the anti-Christ takes over the United Nations. The game has been accused of containing a level of violence unbecoming in a Christian product.

Blumenthal’s report comes days after the release of a report by the Defense Department’s inspector general that recommends disciplinary action against several members of the military for appearing in uniform in a promotional video for an evangelical organisation.

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