Benny Hinn’s Crusade for Uganda

Faith-Healing Evangelist Invited by President’s Wife

Benny Hinn has just visited Uganda. The New Vision reports on his “glorious presence”:

RENOWNED international evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn yesterday arrived in the country to a massive crusade at Nelson Mandela Stadium, Namboole.

Hinn in the country at the invitation of the First Lady, Janet Museveni, arrived at Namboole at around 6:40pm in a chopper.

…When the thousands of believers who filled the stadium to capacity noticed his glorious presence, he garnered a deafening applause. Prolonged screaming, chants of praise and clapping reverberated in the stadium.

Elsewhere, the New Vision tells us that “Uganda…rejoices to finally have him”, and the Sunday Vision continues in similar hard-hitting investigative vein:

THE lame walked, the blind had their eyes opened, the deaf heard and the sick recovered…

Mrs Museveni, meanwhile, got what she wanted out of the invitation:

The pastor on the first day of his two-day crusade implored God to bless president Yoweri Museveni, his family and staff.

“Make this nation become your nation,” he cried out to God.

This endorsement echoes that of Morris Cerullo, which we saw in February:

Cerullo thanked the President for the impressive performance of his government in the last 20 years. He was particularly impressed by the freedom of worship that has resulted in a great number of born-again Christians.

“You are the right man in the right country at the right time and God has blessed your leadership,” Cerullo told Museveni.

Hinn’s blessing comes at quite a useful time – the Musevenis are currently embroiled in a scandal involving the misappropriation of the “Gavi” child immunisation funds for political campaigning.

According to reports, Hinn’s visit cost $2.5million, and was broadcast live by God TV, which I blogged on here. Apparently,

To illuminate the place enough for the television cameras, the same lighting system that was used on the 2004 Oscar winning Hollywood film The Constant Gardener, which was shot in Nairobi’s Kibero slum, was brought.

Sharing the stage with Hinn was (as ever) Pastor Robert Kayanja, another strong supporter of the Musevenis, and whom I blogged on here. Kenyans and Rwandans were among those who travelled to the crusade in search of miraculous healing of illnesses such as AIDS:

Pastor Joseph Serwadda, of Victory Christian Centre in Ndeeba, says Benny Hinn’s visit is a blessing to Uganda because he has come at a time when Ugandans need spiritual intervention and revival.

…”Many people are suffering from HIV/AIDS and other diseases yet Benny Hinn is known for his healing ministry. I have no reservation whatsoever that he will bless and quench the spiritual thirst of this country.”

Meanwhile, Mrs Museveni has been accused of undermining her husband’s successful “ABC” approach to AIDS prevention (Abstain, Be Faithful, or use a Condom) in favour of a stricter stance against condoms.

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