US Abstinence Groups Target Africa

As a highly-critical federal report on “Abstinence Only” sex education is released, the Baptist Press co-incidentally reports on how the movement intends to influence Africa:

True Love Waits International will expand its abstinence-until-marriage message in six African countries, utilizing $950,000 in donor gifts.

…Since its introduction in Uganda 13 years ago, True Love Waits has been a catalyst for bringing people together to address the AIDS problem and spread the message of biblical purity to schools, youth groups and communities. In the years that followed, Uganda’s HIV/AIDS infection rate dropped from 30 percent to about 6 percent of the country’s 25 million people.

…Based on methodologies developed in Uganda, True Love Waits will establish an ongoing relationship with a key national champion in each African country who, in turn, will build a hierarchy of teams within the country.

The role of US abstinence groups in Africa is a subject that I’ve blogged on before, and I revisit some of my findings today at Talk to Action.

2 Responses

  1. Many of the followers of these movements don’t realize that the leadership in these groups are often only after personal gain and profit made off the backs of poor, ignorant peoples.

    Keep up the good work. God bless.

  2. I am curious about one thing: what impact has ‘abstinence-only’ education had in Africa?

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