Moon is Milingo’s Messiah

Zambian Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, 2002:

Milingo says some disciples of Sun Myung Moon sought him out with invitations to speak at their conferences. The time he was allotted gradually grew, as did his audiences; soon he was leading mass healings in the packed theatres he had so missed.

…Later he would realise he had “fallen into a trap, and the shock was greater than I had imagined”.

…In order to be appointed an official preacher to the Catholics in the organisation, he was told, he would have to be married in the Moonie rite to a wife selected by Moon himself. “I agreed because, in my stupidity, I thought that this way I could do good.” He was not drugged or hypnotised, he says.

…Meanwhile, the Moonies had plans: to found a well-financed parallel Catholic Church in Africa, autonomous from Rome, with its own hierarchy headed by Milingo. “I would not have gone along with the plan,” says Milingo, who was becoming more and more depressed. “One day, one of the last I spent with Maria Sung, the situation I found myself in seemed so absurd that I raised to God a desperate prayer, whose last words were something like, ‘Let me die, Lord, let me die.'”

Former Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, 2007:

On March 14, at the Wednesday Service, Archbishop Milingo gave a special lecture at Cheongshim Graduate School of Theology.

…At this service, Archbishop Milingo emphasized, “I received many teachings from True Parents [=Rev Moon and Mrs Moon] but the core is from the family”. He also pointed out the problems of theology churches by Terallianus and St. Augustine that they were established mainly centering on men, saying “A family is a gift from God, and the woman is the center of that.”

…At the end there was a time for the students to ask questions. One student asked, “Tell us your motive to accept True Parents as the Messiah.” He answered, “Looking at True Parents’ life and his current achievements I realized that this person is the messiah sent by God.”

I wrote about Milingo’s part in Rev Moon’s African ambitions recently here.

Back in 1991 journalist John Cornwall published an interview with Milingo in his book Powers of Darkness, Powers of Light (1991, Viking Penguin, pp. 330-334). Here’s a taster:

…The archbishop’s eyes stretched wide. ‘We are now in the last days of Satan’s reign, and he is working overtime through his agents to complete the takeover of the world. His agents are nothing less than the Freemasons who have penetrated to the very heart of Christ’s Church. It is the task of the Free­masons to lull Christians, especially priests, into believing that the Devil and his demons don’t exist. Satan plays with priests like toys when they don’t believe in him.

…’Now Satanism is at its strongest throughout the world. These are the years of the Devil. Black Masses, and blasphem­ing God, and Judas priests. Before he died Pope Paul VI knew what he had done [post-Vatican II]. He knew it! He had let Satan free within the Church. He said he could smell the stench of smoke around the sanctuary. He said the truth!

…’I was in Holland two weeks ago!’ The archbishop was now shouting and spitting again. ‘I was praying in Amsterdam from seven-in the morning to half-past two, and the priests were falling like corpses before me. The Devil congratulated me for calling him a liar. A witch came to me and said, “How dare you!” I received a letter from the Devil telling me that I should never dare to speak to the demons like that. It said the devils are more powerful than me and they’ll be watching for their chance. But this isn’t true, you see.’…

Make of that what you will.

(Hat tip to a reader)