US Christian Zionist Evangelist Visits Iraq

Christian Zionist evangelist Mike Evans has a new book on the way: The Final Move Beyond Iraq. Evans has featured on this blog before: among other things, he is of the opinion that God killed Franklin D Roosevelt for making a deal with Saudi Arabia in 1945.

Evans has recently been roaming Iraq and talking to Kurdish leaders; his impressions have been posted at this website. Given that Evans is a best-selling and influential author, and that he does enjoy contacts with various intelligence and political sources (he boasts of having advised Reagan’s staff), it’s worth keeping an eye on what he has to say, whatever one’s opinion of it:

High-level Iraqi intelligence leaders have told me that [a plan to kill Grand Ayatollah Ali-Sistani] was an operation by Iran and coordinated with the Mahdi Army under the leadership of Sheikh Moqtada al-Sadr in an attempt to drive the last nail in President George Bush’s coffin. The plan was to kill al-Sistani, since he was a moderate, and blame it on the Sunnis.

…Iraqi intelligence officials tell me that [WMDs] were shipped to Syria. They also readily tell me that Saddam’s top leaders smuggled billions into Syria and are now working with Iran to defeat the Great Satan (America) in Iraq.

[Adnan Mufti, Speaker of the House of Kurdistan] placed a letter in my hands to deliver to President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney. He said, “I sent it through diplomatic channels via the U.S. Ambassador, but did not hear back.” I promised I would do my best to get it into the hands of the President.

…My first meeting today at 9:00 AM was in the State House with the Minister of State, Karim Sinjari. I had two more high-level intelligence meetings with Iraqi diplomatic leaders. I cannot attribute a quote from them for security reasons. I do not want an Iranian agent to put a bullet in their heads…I was told that Iranian agents by the tens of thousands are everywhere in Iraq, and that Iranian proxies number in the hundreds of thousands.

…Karim further opined, “Saudi Arabia is so convinced that Iran is coming, they are building a 400-mile wall at the cost of $13 billion to keep them out. Saudi is panicking because 50 percent of their population is Shiite, and the oil region is in the Shiite area of Saudi. They know a nuclear Iran could mean their end. They pray that the U.S. or Israel will stop them.” I have been told that over 500,000 Shiite “missionaries” are gathered in Saudi Arabia with one goal…convert Sunnis.

…I was stunned to learn that Iranians are buying property in Iraq and pouring a fortune into the fundamentalist mosques. Most who escaped to Iran during Saddam’s regime are back in Iraq and strongly support Iran.

…I am certain that if the U.S. provided the tools for the Iraqi Kurds to fight the war and simply controlled the skies and provided back-up, U.S. deaths would drop and victory would come in time. The liberal media, however, will have to be put into press pools and monitored; they are doing more to undermine a victory in Iraq than the enemy.

Evans’s latest book will be published by an imprint of Strang Communications. Strang also publishes a couple of other authors I have looked at on this blog: John Hagee and David Brog. Also, I blogged on claims of large-scale conversions to Christianity in Iraqi Kurdistan here.

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