Farrakhan Rails Against “Illuminati”; Praised by Venezuelan Consul

Final Call, an official website of the Nation of Islam, reports on a recent address by Louis Farrakhan in Detroit. Farrakhan touched on various points, including the following:

…One of the methods Satan uses in casting first is by reproducing himself or herself, through the creation of “dumb devils,” whom Satan hides behind and uses to carry out wicked deeds. At this point is where the group of wise persons, known as The Illuminati, was mentioned.

The Illuminati, the Minister explained, is a secret society that was established in the late 18th Century in Europe, which is comprised largely today of the richest people in the world—international bankers who control mainstream media, the work force, educational systems, companies, banks, energy supplies and governments.

Farrakhan mentioned “the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, DuPonts, and Astors”, but he also dropped a heavy hint about whom he really had in mind:

He also delved into the significance of the year 1913, when the Defamation League [sic] of B’nai B’rith and the FBI were formed, as well as Congress’ passing of the Federal Reserve Act which legalized international bankers to print money.

The report tells us about who turned up to the event:

Numerous ministers from across the Nation of Islam traveled to Chicago, and among the other dignitaries present to show their support were, Women of the Millions More Movement committee member, Julie Santos, a community activist based in Chicago; Bishop Ki Hoon Kim of the Unification Church under Rev. Sun Myung Moon; Mikhael Ben Yehuda of the Hebrew Israelite Nation; Martin E. Sanchez, Consul General of Venezuela in Chicago; and Jamaican reggae artists Luciano, Mikey General and Anthony Gadd.

The links between Farrakhan and the Unification Church are long-standing; Frederick Clarkson wrote a piece on the subject for Salon back in 2000.

The Venezuelan consul, meanwhile, was particularly impressed:

“I was very pleased to see Min. Farrakhan come back with renewed force. I think his speech reflects the desperation that’s among us to want to see a better world, and I was particularly impressed by his mentioning of how the international institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, are used to going into poor countries—the countries they define as “third world countries”—and impose their will in order to give these countries loans for development projects. This is one of the ways that the international capital and the international bourgeois have tools to oppress the people in the developing world. So, I was very pleased to hear this.”

There has been some controversy in the past as to whether Venezuelan statements about international capital are suggestive of anti-Semitism; Sanchez’s enthusiasm for Farrakhan does seem to show that his “desperation” for “a better world” is indeed leading the Venezuelan regime to flirt with the anti-imperialism of fools (incidentally, the JTA ran an article on Jewish fears in Venezuela just a few days ago. I blogged on Hezbollah’s presence in the country back in September).

Of course, not all conspiracy-mongers who go on about the “Illuminati” have got a thing against Jews; just a few days ago I noted that Christian Zionist leader John Hagee also believes in the existence of the organisation and its global malignant power.

(Hat tip: Cult News Network)

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  1. […] The links between the NoI and the Unification Church are long-standing; Frederick Clarkson wrote a piece on the subject for Salon back in 2000. I noted Unification Church attendance at one NoI event here. […]

  2. The problem Farrakhan has always had in sustaining international links is that the NoI brand of Islam is so far away from more orthodox interpretations of Islam.

    Those who are serious about their religion can’t take all the Wallace Fard bullshit seriously. Given that, I guess the Veneuzalan’s are as good a bit as any, but it is another nail in the coffin of Chavez’s reputation (ot it ought to be).

  3. […] I blogged on links between Scientology and certain Pentecostal churches here, and on links between the Nation of Islam and Rev Moon’s Unification Church here and here. […]

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