Knesset Members at Unificationist Event in Italy

From an Italian news report:

Martedi’ prossimo, alle ore 21.00, presso la Casa della Pace, l’Assessorato alla Partecipazione, Pace e Cooperazione Internazionale della Provincia di Milano in collaborazione con la Upf-Italia accogliera’ la delegazione Israeliana, composta dai Parlamentari Talab El Sana e Ran Cohen, dal Segretario Generale Upf – Israele Hod Ben Zvi e dal Shuki Yariv Ben-Ami, politologo ed esperto di mass media.

Unfortunately, I don’t actually know any Italian, but we can get the gist: two Israeli parliamentarians – Ran Cohen and (Arab-Israeli) Talab El Sana – have held a meeting in Milan under the auspices of Upf-Italia and an Italian peace organisation. The Knesset members were accompanied by Hod Ben Zvi (the General Secretary of Upf), and with Shuki Yariv Ben-Ami.

Ben-Ami has featured on this blog before – back in 2004 he took part in a remarkable ritual in a US senate office, during which he placed a crown upon the head (“with my ten fingers, with white gloves”, he later boasted) of Rev Sun Myung Moon, who was declared to be “humanity’s saviour, messiah, returning lord and true parent”. “Upf” of course, is the Universal Peace Federation, which was founded by Rev Moon in 2003. Hod Ben Zvi, meanwhile, is one the founders of the Association for Jewish Unificationists, which happens to be based in the illegal West Bank settlement of Maale-Adumim.

I’ve been following Rev Moon’s interest in the “Holy Land” for some time, and last December I noted his plans for an interfaith centre in Galilee. One wonders what the strategic significance of this latest event might be.

(A second report, also in Italian, can be seen here)

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