Maria Sung Visits Zambia

The Times of Zambia reports on a visit to the country by Maria Sung, the Korean wife of former Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo:

Ms Sung said Archbishop Milingo was enjoying good health in America.

“He actually looks younger now and he has new black hair. I am happy that we are together and our marriage is in one piece,” she said.

…Ms Sung was received at the airport by International Inter-religious Federation for World Peace chairman Malimba Masheke and executive director Adamson Musonda.

Masheke is a veteran military man and politician, and he has served as the country’s Prime Minister. He’s also an enthusiast of Rev Moon, and last year he welcomed Moon’s wife to the country with gushing praise:

I cannot measure the benefit of Mother Moon’s visit to Zambia. Such a very , very tremendous blessing. When we look around the world from the Middle East to Korea, we see the conflict and struggle, and can see how important is the message we received.

Adamson Musonda, meanwhile, is a founder of Zambia Hope International, a respected charity that battles HIV/AIDS in the country.

And the International Inter-religious Federation for World Peace, of course, is one of many organisations controlled by the Unification Church. Musonda recently delivered a New Year message on behalf of the IIFWP:

Secretary General Adamson Musonda said the outside world envied Zambia’s Christian foundation which he said was good for steering economic, social and cultural development.

…He invited political, religious, academic and media leaders to join the federation in celebrating God’s Day, Monday, at the Adventure city, in Lusaka.

I looked at Unificationist activities in Israel last month. I have blogged on Milingo’s association with Rev Moon here and here.

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