Hezbollah’s New Tribe Mission

A year ago, Hugo Chavez announced plans to expel the evangelical New Tribes Mission from Venezuela. Christianity Today reported:

Describing New Tribes Mission (NTM) as a “true imperialist infiltration that makes me ashamed,” Chavez declared he was fed up with “colonialism” and accused the mission group of links to the CIA, spying on Venezuela, and exploiting indigenous people. “We don’t want New Tribes here,” he said.

However, Chavez is apparently happy for one foreign organisation to missionize indigenous peoples:


The group being targeted by Hezbollah are the Wayuu, who are based in both Venezuela and Colombia. Back in 2004, government-backed paramilitaries in Colombia were responsible for a number of Wayuu deaths and other abuses.

Hezbollah’s presence among Lebanese Venezuelans has been known for some time, and a few months ago I noted the organisation’s involvement in South American tobacco smuggling. However, details of the “Autonomia Islamica Wayuu” are scarce, and so far confined mostly to a few right-wing and anti-Chavez sites. One of these, Venezuela Today, runs us through the website:

They are disseminating, via Internet, a strategy “to change Venezuela,” including:

Total destruction “of the sex industry” (whatever that means),

Attacking the upper classes, “who are the most corrupt,” all white-collar criminals and continuing the cleaning downwards,

Attacking corruption in government (not such a bad idea) and in the masses, both civilians and military,

Attacking false idols and satanic cults, as defined by them.

The logo adorning the main page and document is an AK-47 rifle. The propaganda appearing on the Web presence of the Venezuelan subsidiary of Hezbollah talks about installing the kingdom of God in Venezuela by imposing a military-theocratic type of government, an explosive mixture similar to what already exists in Iran. It claims: “The brief enjoyment of life on earth is selfish. The other life is better for those who follow Allah.”

South American Indians have now been drafted by both sides of the Israeli-Arab conflict: back in 2002 ninety Peruvian Indians were converted to Orthodox Judaism by a delegation of Israeli rabbis, and now live in West Bank settlements.

(Hat tip: World War 4 Report)

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