Good News for Adams

SZ at World O’Crap draws attention to the latest gem from conservative demagogue (see my blog post here) and academic Mike S Adams, in which he ponders what might have been:

Just how many Muslim terrorists could I kill if the military would ignore my age and let me serve as a sniper?

According to Adams’s profile, he was born on 30 October 1964. And according to this report, there’s some good news:

Older soldiers…are showing up more often at Army training bases across the country since Congress gave the service approval earlier this year to raise its enlistee age limit, which had been 35, to just under 42 years.

Gosh, Adams, you just might make the deadline…

2 Responses

  1. Be sure to update us if he enlists, won’t you?

  2. Sniper school is HARD, he’d never last past the fourth day.

    Must be 11B, 11M, 19D, or CMF 18.

    PFC-SFC (Grade waiverable).

    Active duty, or Reserve, or National Guard, must have a good performance record with no history of alcohol, or drug abuse, must be a volunteer and be recommended by his commander.

    Must be in excellent physical condition (70 percent or better in each event of the APFT).

    Must have a corrected vision of 20/20.

    Must not have a record of disciplinary action.

    Must be knowledgeable of skill level 2 tasks.

    Must have a GT score of 100.

    Must have qualified expert with the M16A2/M4 Carbine rifle within six months of course attendance.

    Normal color vision must be annotated on SF 88, tested within six months of course attendance.

    Must have a minimum of one (1) year retainability.

    Must pass psychological evaluation (MMPI/CPI) conducted under the direction of a qualified psychologist.

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