Francis Collins Repudiates D. James Kennedy’s Darwin = Hitler Prog

From Pharyngula:

A reader wrote to Francis Collins about the use of his name to promote D. James Kennedy’s upcoming ahistorical anti-evolution program, and Collins wrote right back. He’s doing exactly the right thing.

Collins did not wish for his written response to become public, but

…He’s unambiguous in stating that he was interviewed about his book, and that was then inserted into the video without his knowledge.

…I apologize to Dr Collins for assuming he was a party to this creationist video, and I hope he sues those frauds.


UPDATE: Collins is “appalled”; the ADL condemn “trivialization of the Holocaust”. See this entry.

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  1. […] Answer: he’s not – see the here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)WND Reports on Francis Collins/D. James Kennedy […]

  2. Laterally related, from Australia:
    Christian MPs meeting hits back at secularism

    CHRISTIANITY has been under “consistent attack” and should be re-established as the dominant belief system in Australia.

    This argument was mounted yesterday by more than a dozen politicians of all hues at a Christian conference in Canberra.

    Former Nationals leader John Anderson, president of the Parliamentary Christian Fellowship, opened the 300-strong Christian forum at Parliament House last night, saying secularism had gone too far.

    “I think we confuse in the public mind very much what we really are, and certainly our government is secular,” he said. “It’s actually a Christian concept that you should separate church and state — it’s one of the great differences between us and Muslim societies.

    ‘What is a secular value system? I could argue the extreme case, that a secular value system gave us World WarII via Nazism.”

    Whole 8 August 2006 story by Patricia Karvelas in The Australian, here:,20867,20040912-2702,00.html

    Contextualised and expanded here:

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