Who Wants to be a Soul Billionaire?

…just about everyone, judging by the line-up for the Global Pastors Network “Billion Soul” Conference in Orlando – a who’s who of American Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism (plus some international figures), offering their expertise to other pastors and leaders:

Would you like to see a record number of souls saved this year? Would you like to become a soul-millionaire and impact your world?

…With over 35 leaders from all over the world scheduled to speak at this year’s conference, you will not want to miss out!

Endorsers are liberal with the exclamation marks:

God is bringing together the streams of Christianity to create a mighty river of global evangelism. Join us today! – Billy Joe Daugherty, Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma

In the years ahead, through the Lord’s grace and salvation, countless people will be changed throughout the world. You are launching a world-changing venture! – George Gallup, Jr.

ASSIST Ministries notes the inclusion of Rudolph Giuliani, giving his “six points of effective leadership”:

It is a great honor for me to be here because of the work you do,” a news release reported Giuliani said at the beginning of his 35-minute speech. “The principles of leadership apply universally, whether in business, government, a sports team – or a church. It is wonderful to see you improving yourselves in a way to make your ministries more effective. It is a miracle what you do.”

Secular business leaders are also involved with what’s billed as a “Global Evangelism Plan”:

S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A will speak Friday afternoon

Al Weiss, president of worldwide operations for Disney, speaks Friday night.

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