University Lets Man Live with Girlfriend!

The weird world of Agape Press has perhaps reached its nadir with its latest, and lamest yet, moral crusade:

…One father, Greg Myers, says he was outraged to learn that the school’s Student Affairs Office [at Illinois State University] allowed his daughter’s dorm supervisor to cohabitate with his girlfriend in ISU’s Watterson Hall.

Myers’ daughter, a senior at ISU, is a resident assistant in the dorm. Like her father, she objects to the staff cohabitation policy because of her Christian beliefs.

Perhaps a few years ago someone in Myers’ position might have preferred to ship his daughter off to a religious institution like Bob Jones University, where she would not become exposed to such wantonness. But that, of course, was before the Christian Right became quite so drunk on power:

Myers is asking Illinois State University to reverse its cohabitation policy, which currently permits unmarried heterosexual and homosexual staff members alike to have live-in romantic partners in student dormitories. “This is something that I think is just over the top as far as lack of character and lack of values in a policy decision,” the father says, “and I just think it is detrimental to a balanced education by a university charged with the responsibility of our children.”

Agape gives us few details about Myers, preferring instead to bombard us with some statistics:

…women are 62 times more likely to be assaulted by a live-in boyfriend than by a spouse.

and a bit of nostalgia:

Unmarried cohabitation was illegal in the U.S. up until 1970…

The above statistic was derived from the ubiquitous Charles Colson, and was apparently based on findings by the US Justice Department. Some might question the validity and significance of such a vague result, but that would be unwise: given that these people are already redefining science, debasing statistics should be easy.

The good Christians of Agape, by the way, also believe that global warming is “wacko”; that anyone critical of secret prisons is “unrealistic”; and (of course) that Palestinians should be ethnically cleansed from the West Bank.