Ian Paisley to Advise Queen?

The Daily Telegraph 1998:

Ian Paisley, Democratic Unionist Party leader, criticised the Queen for welcoming the deal struck in Ulster on Good Friday and hit out at reports that the Queen was considering a visit to Dublin.

He said: “She is very foolish to do what she is doing, I don’t think the people of Northern Ireland will take kindly to it. She has become a parrot…”

The Irish Times 2005:

DUP leader the Rev Ian Paisley is being tipped for elevation to Queen Elizabeth’s Privy Council…The Privy Council goes back to the earliest days of monarchy, when it comprised those appointed to advise the king or queen on matters of state.

Just goes to show that it’s not all fun being Queen. Ian Paisley, it should be remembered, also denounced the Queen’s mother and sister for committing “spiritual adultery and fornication” by visiting the Pope; decried the Ulster Unionist Party for running a Jewish candidate; described Northern Ireland Catholics as multiplying “like vermin”, and ran a “Save Ulster from Sodomy” campaign. But we can be hopeful that Elizabeth will know how to handle the old bigot: any nonsense and she can retaliate with one of her famous impersonations of him.


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