Hal Lindsey’s Cartoon Jews

Following on from my previous entry, a titbit from WND‘s other Kahanist fellow-traveller, Hal Lindsey. The funny thing is, while Lindsey is as about as pro-Israel and anti-Palestinian as they come, it seems he has a bit of a soft spot for Bible-based anti-Semitism. At least, if I’m reading the latest Hal Lindsey Orifice Oracle Cartoon correctly, in which fat hook-nosed Jews scowl as Jesus tells them they will one day receive the anti-Christ. The artist, John Rule, seems to be a bit protective of his copyright, so I’ll just reproduce an extract here:


2 Responses

  1. Yeah John Rule is a closet anti-Semite!

  2. Check out yet another racist cartoon by John Rule, titled “Coming to America?” Why don’t you blog on this and title it “Hal Lindsey’s Cartoon Blacks”

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