The Final Countdown

Well, it’s now or never for our old friend Prophet Yahweh:

Very soon, sometime between July 4 and 15th, the spaceship I have been prophecizing [sic] of will descend and sit for a day a half.

…Since it will sit in the air a day and a half, it will be enough time for people in Los Angeles, San Diego, and most parts of California, Phoenix, Tucson and most parts of Arizona, Salt Lake City, Denver, Portland, Seattle, and most of the Western United States to get here and see it with their own eyes.

They will also be able to film and photograph it for themselves.

…Let there be no doubt about it.

The ship will be seen!

Even before then, there will be wonderful UFOs that will precede the appearance of the ship(s).

But don’t worry: if PY doesn’t pull it off, Vendyl Jones has promised us the Lost Ark of the Covenant by August 14.

PS: For the whole gripping saga, see FGAQ’s Prophet Yahweh Blog.

UPDATES: PY is now planning to travel the US, summoning UFOs in all states. He blames the no-show on the media, which refused to film his proposed Las Vegas summoning (It would, I suppose, have been highly embarrassing had a giant spaceship appeared over the city and the media had not been there to greet the aliens). PY has also arranged to do a summoning for famous sceptic James Randi in January 2006!

2 Responses

  1. Our buddy announced yesterday that YAHWEH had told him to push back the big date until July 2006. He also admonished his followers for being so foolish as to believe he could finish all his preparatory tasks this year. Oh well, on to the next prophet.

  2. (tongue firmly in cheek)

    What a choice- a UFO hanging in the air or the Ark of the Covenant. I can’t decide which to worship! Ack!

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