Theocrats Defenestrated

Over the past couple of weeks, Pete at the Dark Window has been collecting the pensées of American Christian theocrats for our delectation. We’ve had Judge Roy Moore’s doggeral:

Our children wander aimlessly
poisoned by cocaine,
Choosing to indulge their lusts,
when God has said abstain.

We’ve also had Gary DeMar, whose book Myths, Lies, & Half-Truths: How Misreading the Bible Neutralizes Christians is described by WorldNetDaily as maybe “the most important book you will ever read”. One of the “lies” is that “There’s a separation between church and state.” De Mar runs American Vision™ (“Educating & Empowering Christians to Restore America’s Biblical Foundation”), and is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the same denomination as the Harvestwood Covenant Church dissected by World O’Crap (with a bit of help from Pete and myself). DeMar claims that he is not a Reconstructionist, but he has co-written materials with Gary North and appears to be very close to the movement.

Plus, there’s been CNP member John W. Chalfant, whose WND profile suggests a liberally-minded guy at heart:

He points out that while non-Christians in America certainly are not obligated to adopt or convert to the Christian faith, it is “the duty of every American citizen to defend the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian pillars of law and liberty which grant us such freedoms.”

Chalfant runs America – A Call to Greatness Inc.® According to his bio, his chief inspiration was Joe McCarthy’s Wormtongue Richard Arens:

While working at a missle research and development center, a senior collegue played a tape-recording for Chalfant of a speech by Richard Arens, Staff Director of the House Committee on Un-American Activities, entitled “Dangers to our Internal Security.” Arens began, “Two thousand years ago there was One who spoke these words: ‘No man can serve two masters’…” The first fifteen minutes were devoted to comparing Jesus Christ, the Author of freedom, to Karl Marx, the destroyer of freedom. That speech transformed Chalfant’s life, and he committed the rest of it to the service of Jesus Christ and America’s freedoms.

(Arens lost his HCUA position when it was discovered in 1960 that he was assisting racist Wycliffe Draper in giving grants to individuals who could prove that blacks were inferior and should be shipped off to Africa. One particular hate-figure for Arens was the World Council of Churches).

Chalfant’s book of the same name as his website contains sections with titles such as:

Can a Pacifist Truly Serve God?
What Would George Washington Do?
Democracy or Republic?
Evolution’s Cruel Legacy
Evolution in the Classroom, Satan’s Highway
Schools: Great Gates of Hell.
God’s Position on National Independence and the New World Order
Attack on Sodomy Laws
Conclusion: The Curse of Tolerance and Compromise

The book is endorsed by D. James Kennedy and Howard Phillips, among others.

But for the true connoisseur, none can compare with the ramblings of Debbie Daniel, who argues that Kerry is on the road to Hell for daring to debate Bush on TV:

What causes me to tremble is the behavior of a man who has shown disdain for a position God ordained. It is perilous to his own well-being…not to speak of what he’s done to bring the country down. Mr. Kerry…if you had an ounce of decency in your heart, you would change your course of action immediately…You may win the vote…but, sir, you will certainly lose your soul…There’s a scripture in Romans 13:1-5 that sums it up best. And please note: these are not the words of this columnist; check out the author yourself. “Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.

Priceless. A profile for Daniel can be found on American Daily:

Debbie Daniel is a native of Louisiana, having graduated from Mississippi College, Jackson, Mississippi in the field of Psychology and Religious Education.

While serving for nearly ten years as a full-time Music and Youth Director for churches in Louisiana and Southern California, Debbie directed five major choir tours with college and high school students traveling across the continental United States, into Canada and Hawaii.

Governor Ronald Reagan commissioned one of her youth choirs as Ambassadors of Good Will on a singing tour up and down the great State of California.

She later became an advertising account executive for Harte-Hanks Communications in Los Angeles, California and worked there until her move to Texas in 1994 where she presently works with a Central Texas newspaper as an account executive.

She made a country gospel album in Calfornia entitled “The Old Country Church” and continues to sing in churches today.

Great stuff, Pete, keep it coming…

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  1. You do good work.

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