Curse from the King

Staying with the alleged “Holy Land”, news from the Jerusalem Post (linked snagged from Paleojudaica):

A group of right-wing Jewish activists reenacted a religious ritual from the First Temple period at the Shiloah Spring in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan Tuesday night, with the goal of removing Prime Minister Ariel Sharon from power and instituting a Jewish monarchy.

With shofars blasting in the background, the group – led by Prof. Hillel Weiss, a well-known Temple Mount activist and a lecturer on literature at Bar-Ilan University, and Rabbi Yosef Dayan, who recently threatened to instigate a death curse against Sharon – conducted the nisuah hamayim ritual, which they said “will begin the process of removing the secular Israeli government.”

“This ceremony will lay the foundations for instituting a Jewish king, a Jewish court, and the Third Temple,” Weiss told the 40 participants sitting near the Shiloah Spring.

The Post describes Dayan as “rabbi of the settlement of Psagot”, which is a rather incomplete description, as a profile for the Lishkat HaGazit School of Government notes that “he was for many years Rabbi Meir Kahane’s right hand man.” And, as the Dayans of Allepo apparently claim descent from King David, perhaps he considers himself as a good bet for the vacancy of Monarch of the State of Israel. Weiss is also involved with the School of Government, which is an openly Kahanist outfit. The Dean is Yoel Lerner, the terrorist who spent several years in prison after plotting to blow up the Al-Asqa Mosque. That particular achievement is not listed on his profile, although this one is:

in 1987 he published an article supporting the White Regime in South Africa

As for the “death curse”, a previous Post article names it as a “Pulsa Denura”. It is not illegal to perform, although back in 2000 the Chief Rabbi of Safed was detained by police after issuing such a curse on the Pope. No results so far, although a prior curse on Yitzchak Rabin had more success. According to a 1995 Jerusalem Report article reposted on Mystical Politics (written just months before the assassination):

Invoking the pulsa denura is a perilous undertaking, for if the ceremony is not performed in a strictly prescribed fashion, it can strike the conjurers themselves.

Before Rabin, the last person so cursed was Saddam Hussein. One day during the 1991 Gulf War, as Scuds rained down on Israel, a minyan of fasting kabbalists gathered at the tomb of the prophet Samuel just outside Jerusalem. There they entered a dark cave, where one of the holy men placed a copper tray on a rock and lit the 24 black candles he’d placed on it. As the mystics circled the candles, they chanted the curse seven times, calling on the angels not merely to visit death upon “Saddam the son of Sabha,” but to ensure that his wife was given to another man.

Nothing in Hello! magazine yet about a new love for Mrs Hussein…

But does Sharon need to fear? According to a Talmudic discussion posted on Mesora:

If man did in fact have the ability to curse another person, this would mean that man has more power than God. It would also suggest that the world does not run by strict justice, as a foolish man may curse a wise sage, and the sage would be unjustly ruined. This however is not the case as God runs the world in accordance with justice and alone, while man is powerless.

Not sure how far Sharon can be confident that “strict justice” will save him. If he’s really worried, he could try a bendel bracelet, as recently popularised by Brittany Spears and Madonna. According to one advert for this kabbalistic amulet:

When the Bendel is placed on the left hand by a loved one, it protects one from harm, wards off evil wishers and brings good luck.

UPDATE: The cursers celebrate Sharon’s stroke.

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