Yemi Akinsuyi of This Day (Lagos) reports on the “satanic phone numbers” scare in Nigeria. Rumour has it that answering certain numbers on your cell phone leads to vomiting blood and death. This Day reveals those responsible for the panic, with the most popular story

ascribed to Mr. Segun Adisa in his programme, Labe Orun on Murhi International Television (M-ITV) last Sunday while warning viewers on the effect of receiving such calls.

Adisa said those, who do not believe the existence of the numbers, were at the risk of dying soonest…[He said] “I pity those, who do not believe that there are phone numbers that could kill instantly. I cannot say much about the evil now, but there is evil hanging on those that do not believe and see it as mere fabrication. Many have gone through these phone numbers, but we that are alive should be careful”.

Also to blame is

a pastor of the Oshodi, a Lagos suburb branch of the famous Christ Embassy Church, who last Sunday narratted his experience of a satanic call in the city in the open church…

Warning members of the branch against receiving strange calls, which, he said, now sniff life out of people, the pastor told the congregation that he was in a gathering, where a woman received a call and started vormiting blood. He said all of them, who were around the scene, were subsequently picked up by the police and taken to Alausa Police Station, where they were made to make statements on all they knew about the incident before they were let off.

However, the police deny any such thing happened, leaving us with the shocking inference that a pastor has made something up! Further, actually calling the supposed “Satanic numbers” connects to ordinary people who are none too pleased.

The Christ Embassy (formerly “Believers’ Love World”) is one of the largest Pentecostal churches in Nigeria, and is led by a faith healer named Chris Oyakhilome.

Perhaps those about to throw away their phones out of fear ought to have a word with Leo Igwe, Nigeria’s most prominent sceptic…

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  1. I pity those, who do not believe that there are phone numbers that could kill instantly.

    Boy, I sure know that feeling! How blind can people BE?!?

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