Noah’s Ark Hoaxer to Save Bush

An email from CBA (the Christian Bookselllers Association) announces that Michael Moore will soon be undone:

The documentary George W. Bush: Faith in the White House, which premiered at CBA Convention, will air on network television in September and may release in theaters later this summer as a contrast to the negative Fahrenheit 9/11

The documentary was made by Grizzly Adams Productions, whose producer is David Balsiger. Balsiger is a one-time Council for National Policy member, and is best known as the enabler of two hoaxes. The first, in the early 1970s, was when he co-ghostwrote Mike Warnke’s autobiography The Satan Seller, launching the “Satanic survivor” genre that caused so much panic and harm over the next twenty years (Balsiger still stands by the book). The second was in the 1990s, when his Sun International Pictures made The Quest for Noah’s Ark, a pseudo-documentary that included an interview with a man who falsely claimed to have found it. That fiasco led to the termination of a contract with CBS.

In 1977 Balsiger also made The Lincoln Conspiracy, about the assassination, for which he won an honorary doctorate from the Lincoln Memorial University.

Balsiger’s other works include:

Secrets of the Bible Code Revealed

How to Prepare Your Family for Y2K

Bible Code: The Future and Beyond

The Bible’s Greatest Secrets Revealed

The Bible’s Greatest Miracles