God Votes for UK Independence Party

The BBC (cribbing shamelessly from the PA) reports on an Anglican church service due to take place today:

An anti-EU vicar is planning to hold a special service on Sunday, thanking God for the European election results.

The Reverend Philip Foster said the UK Independence Party’s success showed the tide was turning and Europhiles could be beaten.

Mr Foster wrote to the congregation of St Matthew’s Church, Cambridge, inviting them to the thanksgiving as a “sign of God’s mercy on our country”.

Last week’s European election results were a breakthrough for the UK Independence Party, which wants Britain to leave the European Union. They approach the subject from the right, and although their campaign concentrated on the issue of sovereignty, anti-immigrant feeling may well have played a part in their success.

Foster is a long-time campaigner against the EU, as well as against regional assemblies for England, as reported here:

Rev. Philip Foster from St Matthews, C of E Church, Cambridge also wrote to all 43 diocesan Bishops explaining the hidden purpose of regionalisation. In his letter to Bishop Langrish he wrote “My very worst fears about this imposed parliament were most dramatically realised before my eyes and ears…we were faced with a demand that we either sign a paper approving regional parliaments or be asked to leave… I beg you and your fellow Bishops similarly engaged to withdraw from your frankly treasonous activities”.

Unsurprisingly, these political activities are tied to his religious vision. From his church in Cambridge he runs St Matthew Publishing Ltd., which includes the following titles on its booklist:

The Principality and Power of Europe: Adrian Hilton Britain and the Emerging Holy European Empire by Adrian Hilton Extended and UPDATED Where is the European Union taking the United Kingdom and why? This timely and lucid book throws light on the spiritual and political powers at work throughout Europe. This book looks squarely and honestly at what our rulers are seeking to impose upon Britain…

The Final World Empire by Alan Franklin A most comprehensive Christian book on the EU’s current activities and their ultimate destination in relation to what the Bible has to say. Alan has been a newspaper editor in Britain for 18 years and a journalist for 38…

UN Global Straitjacket by Joan Veon World government is far closer than you might think

Another author on his list is James Jacob Prasch, who runs the Christian Zionist Moriel Ministries. An article on Prasch’s site to which Foster is just one signatory includes the following:

I have no doubt that the Ecumenical movement is a prelude to the rebirth of Babylon the Great in Revelation and that deceptions like [the neo-Pentecostal revival at] Pensacola are preludes to the Great apostasy of Thessalonians. With the current drive for a false peace with Islam in Israel and the reconfederation of the Roman Empire via a pseudo-democratic federal Europe, the juxtaposition of these trends and the constellation of events that result indeed are setting the stage for the Man of Sin which Antiochus [the Syrian King who desecrated the Jewish Temple in 169 BCE], among others, typifies and foreshadows.

Although himself a Charismatic, Foster objects to much in the neo-Pentecostal movement, and contributed to The Signs and Wonders Movement-EXPOSED, a critique of John Wimber. Other targets include the Promise Keepers and the Alpha Course.

Foster is also part of Christian Witness Ministries, where he tells us about the satanic Eastern forces allegedly at work in the Christian West:

By the 19th century, despite the evangelical revivals under the Wesley’s, etc. the general ethos of the West was once more wide open to Eastern influence. This time the onslaught was more subtle. By the end of the 19th century only the elite’ were getting involved in the occult. Partly as a result of Darwinian Evolutionary philosophy, which encouraged the removal of moral law, and encouraged belief in the survival of the fittest: men began to dabble in dirt’…

The emergence of Theosophy and occultism as a respectable para-science by the turn of the century led to the impact that was to come through Carl Jung…The demons of the East awaited their opportunity!…

It startled me most of all to discover that the philosophy behind the whole counterculture of drugs, rebellion, and rock music was basically Hinduism: the same deception about the unity of all life, vegetarianism, evolving upward to union with the Universe, and doing one’s own thing.

A few more personal details are available here.