The South Will Rise Again

Several bloggers (World O’Crap, The Dark Window) are making scoffing sounds at a report in WorldNetDaily that a plan is afoot to get South Carolina to secede from the Union and establish itself as an independent, Christian nation. The idea is the brainchild of Cory Burnell, who, on his website explains the problem:

It is evident that our Constitution has been abandoned under our current federal system. The efforts of Christian activism have proven futile over the past five decades and, whereas desperate times require desperate measures, we are now in the most desperate of times. The federal government is considering whether marriage, the foundation of civilization since Creation, should be reserved solely to a man and a woman. Christians must now draw a line in the sand and unite in a sovereign state to dissolve our bond with the current union comprised as the United States of America.

His organisation is (he claims) assisting the move of 50,000 Christians out of other states to facilitate a vote for succession. However, what the report doesn’t note is that this is just a revamp (relaunch?) of Burnell’s Confederate States of America Project. Burrnell explained the reason for the CSAP on Dixie earlier this year (emphases in original):

First, our enemy is NOT a tyrannical federal government, but rather the socialist populace that demands its existence…the citizenry of these United States shackle our chains to us by demanding pork-barrel legislation and continuously sending socialists to Congress who’ll ignore the Constitutional limits on their power…We should gather thousands of like-minded Constitutionalists, Christians and Southerners – our people dispersed among the enemy in all 50 states – and relocate to our target state.

For further information, Burnell points us to Ron Holland’s Dixie Daily News. Holland is most enthusiastic of Burrell’s plan, as he is also, unsurprisingly, of Christian Reconstructionist and theocrat Gary North. Holland and North run a website called “A Daily updated, pro-freedom news portal for high net worth individuals around the world providing unique comment and expertise on financial and economic topics plus reports on international lifestyles, travel and offshore opportunities.” (North was a major figure in the late 1990s Y2K hysteria, so he’s really someone with a good record on financial advice) Holland also writes paleo-con type isolationist and anti-war essays, where he makes odd statements about how Winston Churchill was helped out of post-1929 poverty by a famous broker called Bernard Baruch (what can he be suggesting, I wonder?).

Burnell is a member of the Texas Constitution Party, which sees as its second most important duty, after ending abortion, as dealing with AIDS as a criminal issue, and he holds a position in the Texas League of the South, which lists among the hate groups it will have nothing to do with the Aryan Nations, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the NAACP.

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  2. It’s very strange. I’m Libertarian and I’m extremely opposed to the idea of theocracy. That’s one of the reasons I usually vote Communist… er… Democrat. Dammit, now they have me doing it.

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