Partying at the Last Days

Chris Lehmann at The Revealer reports on a party for Joel C. Rosenberg’s new book, hosted by World magazine. I discussed The Last Days a month ago, when it was revealed that Madonna’s one-time manager had bought the rights to make movies of this book and its prequel, The Last Jihad. Lehmann credits that 2001 bestseller for the popular belief among Americans that Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11. Quoting directly:

[Saddam was] not simply…a good friend of the Palestinian people…Saddam Hussein had given the Juma boys the chance to wage jihad against the Jews and against all Americans.

And, of course, this fanatical attachment to jihad allows us to understand the Palestinians. One villainous character recalls that:

From the earliest days he could remember, he had been inspired by the Great Revolution led by Saddam and Yasser Arafat and the imams of his youth.

Lehmann brings to our attention Peter Robbio, “a freelance publicist who represents a number of conservative religious authors”. Good to see Robbio back in action (mostly hawking Regnery wares judging from his web presence) since his resignation as Steve Forbes’ New Hampshire campaign manager in 1999 after he was arrested for pulling a gun on someone at a restaurant.

Funnily enough, Robbio worked for Pat Buchanan back in 1996, around the time that Rosenberg was working for Benjamin Netanyahu. Happily, working respectively for an anti-Jewish bigot and an anti-Arab bigot does not seem to have stood in the way of an alliance in the cause of making sure that ordinary Americans remain in the dark about the actual nature of the Middle East and the USA’s involvement in it. And with luck, Daniel Pipes might be able to force all universities to teach the book in the name of avoiding “bias”.

Next in line to cash in on the LaHaye phenomenon will be Omen author David Seltzer, whose new mini-series is due out over the summer.

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