As the last Left Behind novel hits the shelves, WorldNetDaily reports that Israeli intelligence has uncovered an “Islamic messianic whirlpool” of ideas. If you think LaHaye and Jenkins are living in a fantasy world, try

the march of Islam through Russia, the return of Islam to Andalusia and a victory parade in Jerusalem with liberated Saddam Hussein at the lead. This will follow after a war in Syria and the assassination of King Abdullah of Jordan.

All of this will attend the coming of the Mahdi, an eschatological Islamic figure with whom Osama bin Laden may or may not be identifying himself. There’s a bit of astrology thrown in too.

Something about all this reminds me of Criswell.

(PS [27 May] – I wrote this before I realised just how wacko WorldNetDaily actually is, rather than just conservative. It’s quite possible that the above was completely made up.)

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