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God Directs Movie

Speaking at the National Religious Broadcasters’ convention, Passion public relations man Paul Lancer announced that

This movie has been operating on a God level. [This film] is a work of God.

But there may be evidence! Another production company is working on a TV special called Changed Lives: Miracles of the Passion. The makers are looking for stories such as

a marriage being rescued, an addict who was set free, a Jew who now accepts Jesus as Messiah, someone who experienced physical or emotional healing, and so on.

The executive producer of this project is Jody Eldred, a member of Jack Hayford’s Charismatic Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California (audio interview, where he comes across as personable). Eldred is a director and photographer of thirty years experience, working on a variety of secular and religious projects. As well as a website for his Passion project, he has one of his own which shows him working in Kuwait and Iraq as a freelance for ABC last year. Here he tells us that al-Jazeera was “Iraqi state-run TV”. Ahh, so that’s why al-Jazeera journos in Iraq have to be imprisoned and abused.