Holy Moses Mugabe

Robert Mugabe is a “black, political, economic Moses” whose vision is “to raise millionaires and billionaires” in Zimbabwe, according to Reverend Obadiah Musindo (or Obediah Musindo), at a ceremony to give thanksgivings for the despot’s eightieth birthday.

However, for those Christians who may have different opinion (such as Archbishop Pius Ncube), Musindo has previously warned that

The church is not allowed to rebel against the Government and has no business aligning itself with opposition movements.

“In cases where there is bad governance, the church must pray for leaders to rule wisely, but they must not be actively involved in efforts to bring down a government”.

He could have added that such behaviour was bad for the health, often leading to arrest, death, being tortured or raped.

Musindo, who heads the Destiny of Africa Network, also sees George W. Bush in a biblical light, as

the world dictator, world chief thief, world number one murderer, world big human rights abuser, big racist, unelected court-appointed president, world peace destroyer, international criminal liar – the true earthly representative of the Anti-Christ and the devil on earth.

Meanwhile, as the country suffers inflation of over 600%, unemployment of over 50% and 60% of the population needing food aid as the economy implodes and the country totters on the edge of famine, the “black Moses”  used the birthday celebration to show that fixing the nation’s woes is his top concern:

“I’m morally repulsed by homosexuality,” Mugabe told the function…”It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Adam, Eve and Eve…Let us never entertain the theory that man and man can form a family.”

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