Anti-Christ Sprouts in Brussels

The Rev Dr Ian Paisley’s website notes that there are 679 seats in the European Parliament, but that number 666 is unallocated. I suggest three possibilities:

1. Paisley is making it up.

2. No MEP wants the number – which would be an interesting concession to superstition, like the lack of row 13 on aeroplanes.

3. As Paisley suggests, the seat is being kept vacant for the anti-Christ, who will take it up in due course. Bit of a giveaway, though.

By the way, if A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24, E=30, F=36 etc. (a formula beloved of some fundamentalists), Ian Paisley is himself the anti-Christ.

One Response

  1. The beats of revelation 13 must be assciated with the imagery (head of lion, feet of bear, body of leopard) How is Ian Paisley associated with that imagery?

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