Charisma Runs Debunked George Soros Parody Video as “News”

Another triumph  for Bob Eschliman, the “journalist” tasked by the evangelical news site Charisma News with producing secular news stories designed to bolster the Trump campaign: George Soros: Yes, the Election Is Rigged During an interview with Bloomberg last month, billionaire financier of liberal-progressive activism George Soros claimed Donald Trump would win November’s popular vote in a […]

Jack Chick, “The World’s Most Published Author”, Has Died

Prolific tract author spread anti-Catholic conspiracy theories and promoted Satanic Panic From Christianity Today: Jack Chick, the cartoonist who wanted to save your soul from hell, died Sunday at age 92. The biggest name in tract evangelism, Chick distributed more than 500 million pamphlets, nicknamed “chicklets,” over five decades. His signature black-and-white panel comics warned against […]

Charisma Promotes New Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims

From Charisma News: Ex-Witch Reveals the Ritual Satanic Abuse That Happens on Halloween Since her salvation in recent years and subsequent inner healings and deliverance, Beth came to realize she was abused in a satanic ritual on Halloween when she was just 3.   “We went to the (Mormon) church and what happened next made my blood […]

Pastor Saeed Abedini on Hillary Clinton and the Jezebel Spirit

From the Facebook page of American-Iranian Pastor Saeed Abedini: …If a woman can’t be the head of a small group of people such as the family or church, how can she, Biblically, be the head of a country with millions of people?! I think spirit of Jezebel is getting stronger and stronger in the United […]

The Christian Times: A Hoax Christian News Site

From Mike Cernovich at the end of last month: christiantimesnewspaper dot com is a hoax site. Come on guys, don’t be as gullible as liberals are by falling for hoaxes that “benefit” us. — Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) September 30, 2016 Cernovich is disingenuous when he suggests that the site threatens to bring conservatives down to a […]

Man Who Accused Dead MPs of Child Sex Abuse Defends Donald Trump From Groping Allegation

From the Sunday Mirror, July 2014: Tory child abuse whistleblower: ‘I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher’s cabinet ministers’ Senior Tory cabinet ministers were supplied with underage boys for sex parties, it is sensationally claimed. Former Conservative activist Anthony Gilberthorpe said he told Margaret Thatcher 25 years ago about what he had witnessed and gave […]

Evangelical Leadership and Donald Trump: Faith No More

Reuters reports: Leaders of religious conservative groups largely stood behind Donald Trump on Saturday, the day after vulgar sexual comments he made about women surfaced online. …Most evangelical leaders did not condemn Trump, and instead pointed to an urgent need to prevent Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton from winning the presidency, reshaping the Supreme Court and […]

Donald Trump: The Charismatic Anointing

In 2005, Time magazine listed publisher Stephen Strang as one of “The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America”, observing that the former journalist, 54, has been a Bush favorite ever since his homegrown Christian publishing house, Strang Communications, released The Faith of George W. Bush, the first spiritual biography of the President, in 2003… Strang’s lead publication, Charisma, […]