Charisma Runs Debunked George Soros Parody Video as “News”


Another triumph  for Bob Eschliman, the “journalist” tasked by the evangelical news site Charisma News with producing secular news stories designed to bolster the Trump campaign:

George Soros: Yes, the Election Is Rigged

During an interview with Bloomberg last month, billionaire financier of liberal-progressive activism George Soros claimed Donald Trump would win November’s popular vote in a landslide—but Hillary Clinton will be the next president of the United States.

At points in the interview, Soros was almost unintelligible with his comments. His answers in those moments were seemingly unrelated to the topic of the question, but he provided a couple moments of clarity when asked specifically about the outcome of the 2016 presidential election…

There is a simple reason why Soros was “almost unintelligible” and gave answers that were “unrelated to the topic of the question”: it’s because the video is in fact a heavily edited parody video, uploaded to YouTube in August by someone using the name “Temple of Truth” – and it was thoroughly debunked by Snopes weeks ago.

A notice under the vcharisma-sorosideo states “NOTICE: Our videos are edited for comedic purposes”, and the video ends with to a cut of Hillary Clinton laughing while surrounded by a graphic of flames. Another clue is that the thumbnail used for the video shows Soros superimposed over an Israeli flag – an anti-semitic conspiracy trope that is now prominently embedded in Charisma‘s lead story!

Eschliman’s piece ends with a recommendation that readers click through to an article on the Daily Caller about how Soros is supposedly linked to voting machines used in 16 states and “suspected of being used to rig the 2004 Venezuelan presidential election.”

As a religious news outlet, Charisma News is perhaps less known than other conservative alternative media, although its output is covered by Right Wing Watch. The site’s heavily politicized secular articles appear among accounts of miracles and “spiritual warfare” and such, as well as religious news proper.

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  1. if mthe religious right acts so self righteous in their rhetoric yet the love to lie with such blatant ease to the people who are fooled by the lies…guess they never heard the one about thou shall not bare false witness

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