Martin Ssempa Undertaking Community Service Following Conviction for False Sodomy Accusation

From the Kampala Daily Monitor, 3 October: Buganda Road Court has convicted four Kampala pastors, a businesswoman and a musician for conspiring to tarnish Pastor Kayanja’s reputation. Pastor Kayanja, heads Lubaga Miracle Centre, in Kampala. His accusers claimed that he sodomised several youths at his church. Pastors Solomon Male, Martin Ssempa, Michael Kyazze and Robert Kaira, […]

Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer Raise Funds for EDL Leader’s Legal Defence

Pamela Geller writes about the plight of English Defence League leader Stephen Yaxley-Lennon (aka “Tommy Robinson”), who was recently arrested: Many of you have responded to my article “Darkness Descending in England” by asking how to help. Legal funds are badly needed. Tommy’s situation in prison is terrible, and they urgently need to raise funds to […]

Nadine Dorries MP Smears Journalist with Plagiarism Falsehood, Refuses to Apologise

From Bedfordshire on Sunday: Nadine Dorries refused to apologise after an outburst against this newspaper on Twitter. The MP… took to the social network site to accuse BoS of lifting the contents of a letter she sent to a rival publication. …But she was faced with angry demands to say sorry after the document, issued in […]

Joseph Farah Promoting “Amazing Prophecy” Attributed to Thirteenth-Century Rabbi

WND again, this time with a piece from Joseph Farah himself: JUST 5 YEARS TILL ‘END TIMES’ COMMENCE? Exclusive: Joseph Farah explains so far dead-on prophecies of 13th-century rabbi “Five years”? That’s a relief, given that back in July WND was warning us that “2012 DOOMSDAY: IT’S NOT JUST MAYAN CLAIM: Countless cultures predict end-time scenario this […]

Dorries Agonistes 3: Faith, Revenge, and Abortion

A bit of easy graft for and the Huffington Post this week, in the form of interviews with rentaquote MP Nadine Dorries. At, the discussion turned to Dorries’ religious faith: Does her view of abortion stem from her faith? There is a trace of defensiveness in her voice when she answers. “I would say it was absolutely […]

Eric Allen Bell Describes “Campaign Against His Life” on WND

From Marisa Martin at WND: …the Libyan terrorists et al, turned their sights on Eric Allen Bell and accused him of making the “The Innocence of Muslims,” knowing full well it was a complete lie. …The filmmaker summed up the recent campaign against his life for “I stand falsely accused of being the director of […]

Europe’s Last Dictator Gives Award to Moscow Patriarch

Here’s a recent one I missed; from the Belarusian Telegraph Agency: The visit of Patriarch Kirill to Belarus on 14 October will be dedicated to the 400th anniversary of the Kruptsy Icon of the Mother of God… “The Patriarch will pay a visit to Belarus at the invitation of his Eminence, Metropolitan of Minsk and […]

“Cultural Liberalization and Decadence” Opposed at Rhodes Conference Organised by Putin Confidant

Noam Chomsky and Helga Zepp-LaRouche among “key-note speakers” Earlier this month saw the 10th “World Public Forum: Dialogue of Civilisations” conference take place on Rhodes. I’ve written about these international events previously: the WPF was initiated by the Center of the National Glory of Russia and the Saint Andrew the First-Called Foundation, and it was co-founded by Vladimir Yakunin, a confidant of […]

Bishop Atallah Hanna on Israel Shamir, “Great Russian Thinker and Writer”

Towards the end of September, Israel Shamir published an endorsement in Arabic by Bishop Atallah Hanna, written to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Shamir’s baptism by Hanna. The message refers to Shamir as “Adam Ermash”, and appears to describe him (via Google translate) as a “great Russian thinker and writer”. It goes on to list his […]

Billy Graham Association Removes Mormon “Cult” Reference

This one’s being reported widely; via CNN: Shortly after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney enjoyed cookies and soft drinks with the Rev. Billy Graham and his son Franklin Graham… a reference to Mormonism as a cult was scrubbed from the website of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. …In a section of the website called Billy […]