Debates about Islam: Two UK Videos

Several websites have drawn attention to the YouTube video of a recent debate in London on “Muslims in the West: What Is the Way Forward?”, featuring Paul Armstrong (Association of British Muslims), Tehmina Kazi (British Muslims for Secular Democracy) Mubin Shaikh (billed as a Canadian National Security Consultant – see here), and – representing a […]

Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb of Oklahoma “Grateful” for Apocalyptic Paperback

A man named Joe Esposito has distributed an apocalyptic paperback to members of the Oklahoma legislature. WND reports: Esposito also told WND that while he hasn’t heard much response from the Legislature, that’s to be expected, because the lawmakers were under an intense deadline to get the state’s budget passed. He did, however, get a personal […]

Glen Jenvey Describes Meeting EDL Members

A couple of weeks ago I noted that former “terror tracker” Glen Jenvey had recently begun writing articles for a (dubious) Sri Lankan website called the Asian Tribune. Jenvey wrote two opinion pieces (here and here) in the wake of the underage “sex grooming” scandal in Rochdale, in which he railed against “Muslim drug gangs, Muslim […]

Indian Evangelist KA Paul Arrested for Murder

From the Times of India: HYDERABAD: The Andhra Pradesh police on Monday arrested evangelist KA Paul, president and founder of Global Peace Initiative (GPI), and two of his associates in a case of conspiracy to murder. They are accused of conspiring to abduct and murder Paul’s associate Koteswara Rao. Rao is the main accused in […]

Don Feder at Christian Concern Marriage Conference: Same-Sex Marriage a Marxist Plot

Wednesday saw the Christian Concern/World Congress of Families conference on marriage in London; after bookings at the Law Society and the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre were rescinded, the event eventually took place at a nearby Thistle hotel. Pre-publicity for the event gave billing to various mainline commentators, such as Cristina Odone and Phillip Blond. However, […]

PATCON and the Investigation of a “Sovereign Order”

Last month’s Foreign Policy has an interesting article by J.M Berger on PATCON, an FBI investigation from the early 90s: Starting in April 1991, three FBI agents posed as members of an invented racist militia group called the Veterans Aryan Movement. According to their cover story, VAM members robbed armored cars, using the proceeds to buy […]

Taxpayers’ Alliance Report Marshals Religious Arguments for Lower Tax

As has been widely noted, the Taxpayers’ Alliance, which lobbies for lower taxes in the UK, has produced a 400-page report entitled The Single Income Tax. Somewhat unexpectedly, there are two sub-sections on religion, as part of a larger section entitled “Under a range of philosophical perspectives, taxes become unethical beyond a certain level”. Graeme Leach, Chief […]

WND Smear Piece on Obama and Boko Haram

A banner headline on WND: Obama: Slaughter of Christians a Misunderstanding Those unfamiliar with WND‘s yellow journalism practices might be led to infer from this that Obama had made a statement in which he claimed that the slaughter of Christians was a misunderstanding – obviously suggestive of a dismissive attitude towards terrorism and its victims. However, WND hack Steve Peacock […]

TPM Notes Survival Products from Jim Bakker

At TPM, Nick Martin has some fun with Jim Bakker: The disgraced televangelist is now hawking survivalist gear and books about the apocalypse on his website… For just $500, you can get “Jim’s All American 4 Star Vegetable” buckets. A cool two grand will get you the “Jerry Jones Special,” which promises “over 3,300 servings of […]

Christian Apocalyptic Paperback Author Grant Jeffrey Has Died

Jim Fletcher reports at WND: Grant Jeffrey, the Canadian teacher who took the marketing of Bible prophecy to new and unprecedented heights, has passed away. He was 63. Jeffrey entered full-time ministry in 1988, with his wife, Kaye. Jeffrey’s communication skills quickly gained the attention of the public, and he launched Frontier Research Publications, a […]