Joseph Farah Urinates On Holocaust Memory: Accuses Obama of Announcing Continuation of Nazi Genocide

OK, it’s an easy target. We all know that Joseph Farah is a man without integrity or decency, a desperate huckster who proclaims to be a Christian while churning out the most egregious lies on his pseudo-news site WorldNetDaily. His crude bias and bad faith are of course long-standing and perennial; but in recent weeks – perhaps in competition […]

Two Book Reviews

Somewhat late to the party, I’ve written a review of Jeff Sharlet‘s 2008 book The Family – it can be seen here. And rather quicker off the mark, I’ve got a review of Kathryn Joyce‘s new book Quiverfull,  here. Kathryn was also recently on TV talking about her book with Laura Flanders – see here.