Goat Song

One of the most interesting journalists working today is Jon Ronson, whose book Them and TV series The Secret Rulers of the World brought readers and viewers close-up with some of the most manically ingenious and alarming conspiracy-mongers and fanatics around today. Now his original and consistently left-field analysis turns to prisoner abuse in Iraq. […]

Tommy Tenney to Perform Miracle Recovery on Luke Goss

Unexpected news from The Guardian: The last time they met on screen, Omar Sharif was a small dot riding out of a desert mirage to join Peter O’Toole, the dashing and rebellious British army office TE Lawrence. Now, 42 years after the release of Lawrence of Arabia, widely hailed as one of the greatest films […]

At Church With Doug Giles

When I wrote my investigation into Doug Giles’s background a few days ago, his Clash Church website was down. Now it’s back up: a surprisingly grimy and low-key affair. According to its intro: WHEN THE CHURCH IS FACED WITH A CRUDDY CULTURE, IT CAN EITHER ABSORB IT, SEPARATE FROM IT OR INFILTRATE IT…CLASH CHRISTIAN CHURCH […]

A Blogger Writes

This blog doesn’t get many comments, so it’s good when feedback does arrive, even if it’s just to slag me off. Joel of Confessions of a Hot Carmel Sundae doesn’t appreciate my take on Katherine Harris: So let me see if I have this straight. Katherine Harris at one time studied at a school founded […]


Looks like the Katherine Harris/David Barton panel at Doug Giles’s Clash Christian Church in April never happened after all. The pdf agenda I found and commented on does not tally with another agenda, from Giles’s old cached website. No sign of Jeb Bush, either. Did they back off, or was Giles just being hopeful all along? […]

Hatred Revealed

Jeff Sharlet at The Revealer has been at the receiving end of winger abuse since he reported thus: hate-spewing anti-Muslim blog Little Green Footballs won Washington Post’s reader poll for “best international blog” with bon mots about Palestinians and other Muslims such as “I’ve been fond of transfer of these subhuman[s] for a while. Perhaps […]

The Dominion of Katherine Harris

Sadly, No! has posted a passage from Katherine Harris’s website which I found amusing and ironic, in which she boasted of her efforts to bring about electoral reform so that the disabled could vote more easily. Seb also notes the following from her site: She studied abroad at the University of Madrid and at L’Abri […]

You’ll Get Orchitis If You Do That

Ted Baehr takes matters in hand on the issue of “self-abuse” and the evils of Alfred Kinsey: Kinsey was so preoccupied with “self abuse” that he thought you had to do it regularly each day. Moreover, it appears that his self-abuse actually contributed to his untimely death from “orchitis,” a painful testicular disease, commonly resulting […]

Doug Giles: His People

As I read another rant from Doug Giles, once again I am driven to find answers to the question: just where did this guy come from? As I noted on this blog back in May, Giles’s sister Paula is married to Mell Winger, a Charismatic who pastors at Ted Haggard’s New Life Church in Colorado […]

WND, Thomas Nelson Divorce

After three years, conservative Christian publisher Thomas Nelson has decided to ditch its imprint operation for WorldNetDaily. According to The Tennessean: ‘For what we were having to pay, we didn’t feel like we were getting the kind of value to justify it,” said David Dunham, a senior vice president and publisher at the Nashville religious […]