Richard Tice Complains about Hope Not Hate after Dropping Reform Candidates

On Twitter (aka X), Reform Party chair Richard Tice commends a polemic against Hope Not Hate that appeared late last month (issue dated 2 March) in The Spectator:

Superb by ⁦@DouglasKMurray

The sinister tactics of Hope Not Hate

They should be renamed Hate not Hope [link]

Tice’s post was met with widespread derision by other fringe-right activists: in recent days, Tice has had to drop several Reform election candidates after HNH drew attention to past effusions that seem at odds with Tice’s insistance (backed up with legal threats) that his party is not “far right”. As such, highlighting Murray’s month-old article at this point comes across as compensatory. Particularly scathing was Carl Benjamin, who demanded “why allow them to bully you into deselecting good Reform candidates?” Benjamin has an interest here: one candidate dropped by Reform was one Beau Dade, who works “full time as a content creator” for Benjamin’s Lotus Eaters podcast. HNH had noted a deleted article on a website called The Mallard, in which Dade had called for mass deportations, prosecutions of civil servants and judges, and banning orders against media organisations of which he disapproves.

Murray’s article is titled “The sinister tactics of Hope Not Hate” – I suppose “The annoying tactics of Hote Not Hate” would have been less compelling, although it would have better reflected Murray’s irritated tone and limited scope. Murray’s charge is that HNH notices things that ought not to be of wider interest, at the expense of things that are more important. In particular, HNH and The News Agents podcast recently drew attention to likes and reposts from a Twitter/X account controlled by Paul Marshall, the co-owner of GB News who is hoping to purchase The Telegraph – as described by Alan Rusbridger in the Independent, these were “at the extreme end of mainstream political opinion about Islam, the expulsion of migrants and homosexuality”. Murray alleges that the findings were “cherry-picked”, although he doesn’t build a case for misrepresentation, and he scoffs that Marshall’s account (@areopagus123) was public anyway – in fact, though, readers have been restricted since September, and his control of the account isn’t immediately self-evident.

Meanwhile, one person who oddly is not complaining about Hope Not Hate is a GB News presenter who was recently accused of posting extreme content to Telegram under a pseudonym. HNH’s piece doesn’t explain how the identity was uncovered, and GB News supporters have accused HNH of making it up. This seems to me very unlikely, although mistakes are possible and so I won’t name the person concerned for the moment. However, it should be noted that this individual has not been seen on GB News since the story was published, and although they have made a few Twitter posts in the last day or so they have not addressed the allegation, despite having criticised HNH in the present past. [UPDATE (8 April)The Times has now reported the allegations, which pertain to Leo Kearse. It notes that Kearse “did not host his weekly Saturday Night Showdown at the weekend” and that “neither he nor GB News have responded to questions about his absence”.]

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  1. I wonder if Bartholomew is at the extreme end of comments about Islamists being deported, or is he at the extreme end of comments about homosexuality, and supports the defenestration of gays?

    Or does he share the views of Gays For Palestine, and want more Hamas terrorists imported!

    Is he for or against the prosecutions of civil servants, famously described as not fit for purpose by Labour ministers, who refuse to comply with the demands of the electorate, and the ministers who represent them, attack them with accusations of bullying and the like, and even conspire to prevent the enactment of manifestos they don’t agree with?

    At least we know that Bartholomew is against the banning orders against media organisations of which he disapproves, such as Russia Today in the EU and UK, and even ones in the Ukraine that merely question their war with Russia.

    And I eagerly await his hit-piece on the extremists who sanctioned Brit Graham Phillips!

    As for judges, does he support or oppose the sackings of “liberal” Polish ones by a party characterised by the “liberal” media as extreme right-wing?

    That is apparently the equivalent of patriotic Methodist Old Labour (while the supposed “liberal” party is where the old communists went after the Fall of the Wall!).

    Incidentally, apparently unlike the rest of the former Warsaw Pact, the Poles didn’t purge the judiciary of card-carrying members of the Communist Party, and the “Old Labour” PiS Party was merely catching up with the rest of the later EU accession members!

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