Covid Conspiracy Activist Mike Yeadon Turns to Satanic Panic

From Michael Yeadon to his followers on Telegram:

Putting this long & unpleasant narrated listing of satanic abuse in UK out there, because I know & respect the narrator, a former member of the covert services.

Also, because I’ve read Dr John Coleman’s work in the field of conspiratorial planning.

Best wishes

Channel: @RobinMG

Satanist Abusers Named — The RAINS List

The post was spotted by John Bye, who posted a screenshot to Twitter as part of a thread on how it’s been “quite a week for former Pfizer scientist turned conspiracy theorist Michael Yeadon, who has yet to find a rabbit hole he won’t dive headfirst into”. Other recent Yeadon pronouncements logged by Bye include (among others) the claim that climate change is “faked” by the “same perpetrators” as the pandemic; that fires at food processing plants are a plot to introduce rationing; and that Covid vaccines are a eugenicist depopulation conspiracy.

Yeadon, it should be recalled, was previously perhaps the most high profile Covid sceptic with scientific credentials in the UK, trading on his status as a former vice president of Pfizer (sometimes inflated by supporters into “the former vice president”). In October 2020, for instance, the Daily Mail invited him to opine on “Three Facts No. 10’s Advisers Got Wrong”. As noted by Tim Fenton at Zelo Street, Yeadon was also “lionised by self promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Brewer, and given a platform by Lockdown Sceptics, domain of the loathsome Toby Young” (more on Young here).

Tim’s post went on to note that some of Yeadon’s older Tweets, from before he came to prominence, consisted of crude anti-Muslim diatribes. When someone else brought these to Hartley-Brewer’s attention, her response was a dismissive “Those are not his tweets. But you knew that already”, even though they could be verified by a simple Twitter search. They were already a year old at that point, meaning that Yeadon’s claim that he had been hacked was unconvincing.

Yeadon withdrew from Twitter soon after; there is now a new account called @DrYeadon, but this is a parody that highlights various confident assertions by Yeadon about Covid-19 that have since been exploded.

The RAINS (Ritual Abuse Information Network and Support) list that has now caught Yeadon’s imagination is a notorious document, compiled by a therapist named Joan Coleman (no relation to the John Coleman he cites) primarily based on names given to her by an accuser called “Helen G”. The list alleges human sacrifice at stately homes involving a range of public figures and celebrities, and includes the detail that Edward Heath would abuse children while wearing fake claws. Further details at Hoaxtead here.

John Coleman, meanwhile, is the author of Conspirators’ Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, which refers to “the inheritors of the Illuminati”. The narrator mentioned by Yeadon is Alex Thomson, a former GCHQ officer who now contributes to UK Column.


The Telegram channel noted by Bye is titled “Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar”.

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  1. Yeadon is right in many of his assertions as time will show. Let those who believe that viruses are real keep taking the jabs it will get rid of all the idiots and as Kissinger called them the useless eaters.

  2. Well spotted Richard,

    SAFF see this is a highly dangerous melding of ‘culturally embattled Christians’ with the tall tales of Satanic Abuse which have been de-rigueur in fundie circles for over thirty years. Every once in a while a cheerleader for their nonsense comes along and the hysteria generates false allegations and harm to innocents who fall into their remit.

    Some of the 100 or so VIPs mentioned in the fraudulent RAINS list are dead. Many are not. We believe Joan Coleman’s RAINS list generated the false allegations against Lord McAlpine which foolish lefties in Channel 4 backed and had to apologise publicly for, whilst many hundreds of retweeters of the lies were forced to pay £50.00 each into a charity for their prejudices.

    The VIPabuse hysteria which forced the govt’s inquiry into Westminster had been bubbling away as a sub-set of the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse panic of the 1990s and flowed out in the McAlpine-Brittan-Proctor-Heath-Herman false allegations in 2010 causing untold harm and waste of taxpayers’ money for a decade before being pronounced nonsense.

    There is no doubt in the minds of we who work here at the SAFF that many of the core Vaccine Refusniks and New World Order conspiracyloons are also believers in the Satanic Abuse Myth or predisposed to it as in fact Yeadon himself exemplifies. Knowingly or not Yeadon has re-ignited a most dangerous narrative which has already cost many lives and which will be used by existing self-styled Satan Hunters such as Jeanette Archer, Wedger, Wong and others to justify their own religious prejudices and exonerate themselves amongst their set for taking the law into their own hands.

    As you know the SAFF was the first organisation to expose the existence of the once secret RAINS list back in 2014 and we published it in full on our website along with supplementary evidence and documentation to prove it a pack of lies. It sat ignored for years until it resurfaced a couple of years ago and now has become of ‘historical importance’ to Satan-hunters world-wide. Interested observers can see it here:

    After SAFF scooped it you wouldn’t think it possible that someone of even average intelligence would rush to republish those fictitious claims again but we have learned never to underestimate the cynicism of fundie agitators nor the lack of discernment of people like Yeadon who fall for it.


    John Freedom

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