Media Profiles Anti-Vaxxer Targeting TV Presenters

Michael Chaves also linked to “Satanic Ritual Abuse” protestor Lydia Lowe

From The Times, a few days ago:

A former paramedic who was sacked after a patient accused him of stealing £800 is the ringleader of an anti-vaccination movement that protested at the home of Jeremy Vine.

In 2005 Michael Manoel Chaves and Mohammed Ali, a colleague, were dismissed by the London Ambulance Service, but were later acquitted of theft by a jury.

The Center for Countering Digital Hate says that Chaves is the leader of Learn Something New Today, a group which believes that Matt Hancock, the former health secretary, is a murderer, vaccinations will kill children and Joe Biden is not human.

Michael Chaves also features in today’s Daily Mail, although the bylined “Daily Mail Investigations Team” managed to confuse Chaves filming someone doorstepping Vine’s home with Chaves himself. The person filmed by Chaves was delivering a nonsensical pseudo-legal “notice of liability”.

The targeting of television presenters at home seems to be an extension of recent protests in central London at media offices (blogged here and here). On 2 October Chaves was present at a protest at the Kent home of TV doctor Hillary Jones – Chaves can be seen here standing next to a man with a megaphone who delivered a threatening message (“We will come for every single one of you. We will remain lawful as long as we can”).

However, the media reports have failed to notice overlap between Chaves and activists involved with the resurgent “Satanic Ritual Abuse” protest crowd that blocked Tower Bridge in August (for reasons that included demonstrating support for convicted child kidnapper Wilfred Wong). In particular, Chaves can be seen here posing with Lydia Lowe as Lowe holds up a copy of the Evening Standard headlining Sajid Javid’s attack on anti-vaxx protests at schools.

Meanwhile, Lowe’s (perhaps erstwhile) associate Jeanne Archer was recently seen protesting outside Windsor Castle, alleging that the royal family “are not even human” and torture children in Satanic rituals and then drink their adrenochrome. As ever, her group included her security escort James Zikic.


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  1. Has anyone debunked these anti-vaxxers?

    If not can Barthsnotes look into them and give us a verdict?

    “David E. Martin testifies at the German Corona Inquiry Committee July 9th, 2021”

    Short Facebook Version‎:

    Full YouTube Verion:‎

  2. I think this Archer woman was abused, some of what she describes has a genuine feel, but her abuse was covered up as so many victims have suffered, and believes the Royal family are in some way responsible for a failed Justice system, and so has concocted a fantasy to attract attention. Notice how she uses notes to claim the Royal family did the abusing, but speaks about abuse from the heart without any reference to her notes. I am a victim of satanic-motivated abuse, which is a far cry from the organised rings she claims, but I have 7,700 DOCUMENTS of evidence (The Police Integrity Unit of the Home Office has just written to me to tell me they have asked the Met to consider opening an investigation into years of authority and police cover ups). The DOCUMENTS prove I was church, then State, stolen from my real mother to be given to a dangerous psychotic mental patient with a long history of mental illness at my age of ten DAYS. The DOCUMENTS record they wanted to find out if I would be tortured in a year. This was part of the U.K.’s Nazi sterilisation of mental patients program in Nottingham, where they used me from my age of ten days to see if I would be tortured following the psychotic’s enforced sterilisation done to see if that would, quoting the documents, “Balance” (but not cure) psychosis. The rest are the medical documents of torture, where the psychotic “frequently” quoting the medical records, attempted to kill me with knives, with her motivation that I was “The Devil” variously “Satan” “The Beast” that deserved to die. The psychotic 3 monthly episodic attacks began when I was seven, and I survived because I could run faster than her, when she would smash crockery, then come at me knife in hand screaming she was going to kill me. and police and authority cover ups, already proven True before a U.N. Panel of fact-finding Judges in New York. The International Criminal Court, The Hague has equated the crime EVIDENCE as “serious”, because for a State to steal babies, falsifying the original birth records, and use us in heinous experiments, are Crimes against Humanity. I have all the documents, so why has Archer not got at least some prima facie medical evidence ? I think she suffered childhood abuse by someone, but “dungeons” at Windsor Castle, and the rest does not convince me in the least. As I have said, I think she sees the Royal family as responsible for the Justice system and its failures, and is therefore creating an invention to attract a projected public attention. I think she would be well advised to deal with anger at abuse in a more direct way. I.E. get criminal prosecutions incepted now, against her real abuser(s). Otherwise she is damaging the reputations of real victims of satanic- MOTIVATED abuse. Only a psychotic would do that to children. I simply do not know if “Freemasons”, as a group, would get involved in doing such abuse. There may be psychotic individuals who are also Freemasons, but wholesale generic organised rings, I rather doubt. But the issue of police ignoring domestic abuses, rapes, child abuse, does need dealing with by deterrent prosecutions. The Government has now ‘promised’ to crack down on abuse evidential corruption, and I hope this promise gets realised.

  3. ‘filming someone doorstepping Vine’s home with Chaves himself. The person filmed by Chaves was delivering a nonsensical pseudo-legal “notice of liability”.’

    Surely this I nothing more than taking a leaf out of the modern “liberal” media and lefty environMentalist activists playbook and using it against them?

  4. @Mr B J Man: This microbiologist has debunked a few, and exposed their dishonesty. He always provides the peer reviewed papers for reference. Here’s one on Ryan Cole:

  5. The enlightenment was nice while it lasted.

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