Li-Meng Yan Accuses Former Associate Wengui Guo of Persecution

From Li-Meng Yan‘s Twitter account:

Miles, Wengui Guo 郭文貴 sent his followers to my home for “protest”, using the same smears as CCP’s propaganda!
Police/FBI are investigating.
Miles threatened to “send”me back to HK & @lude_media to China.
How could he do it without help from CCP Ministry of State Security?!

Yan is famous as the proponent of the most far-reaching Covid-19 “Wuhan lab escape” scenario. According to her, the the coronavirus was created and released deliberately as a bioweapon, and its artificial and chimerical nature is blatantly obvious. Scientists who say otherwise are likely beholden to the Chinese Communist Party.

The above Tweet is of interest because it was Guo who originally brought Li to the public’s attention – with the help of Steve Bannon – via a shadowy “Rule of Law Society” and “Rule of Law Foundation”. The reason for the apparent fall-out remains opaque. The reference to Lude Media is also significant: “Lude”, who was famous for promoting the most sensational claims regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop ahead of the last election, has been one of Guo’s closest allies. On 1 August Yan also Tweeted:

LuDe Media is under huge attacks from CCP agents Miles Guo, YanPing Wang & cyber army!
As the 1st media revealed CCP’s unrestricted Bioweapon #COVID19, LuDe keeps telling the truth to millions of Chinese and the world!

The first Yan Tweet quoted above also embedded a Tweet by one Lawrence Sellin, a former reserve colonel who served in Afghanistan but who in 2010 was reportedly “kicked out of that country for writing an editorial about how much he hates PowerPoint”. Sellin now contributes to fringe-right websites, and he is looking forward to election audits that will lead to the return of Trump to power and Joe Biden fleeing to Beijing. His Tweets in support of Yan include criticism of Bannon:

Bannon has done & said NOTHING to defend his “War Room 2020 Woman of the Year” Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who was forced to obtain armed security & relocate after being viciously smeared & threatened by Bannon‘s close associate reputed CCP agent Miles Guo Wengui & his cult followers

One reason why Sellin believes that Guo is a “CCP agent” despite his ostensible opposition to China’s regime is because he has apparently recently pivoted to supporting Biden, stating that

Confirmed by our intelligence, the Biden Administration didn’t collude with the CCP. We therefore suggest our fellow fighters not to post any negative content about President Biden and his family.

Assuming this statement is genuine (and there is a subtitled video), this looks likes “Vicar of Bray” opportunism more than anything else.

Yan has also expressed gratitude to Sellin for having “defeated the active CCP agent 张洵 @ericxunzhang”; this is a reference to Eric Zhang, apparently a Chinese Christian based in Chicago. Last September Zhang Tweeted at Franklin Graham after Graham referred to Yan, writing:

Dear Brother, I’ve been following this case closely & can tell you Dr Yan is a sheer liar, and the whole thing is a setup by Steve Bannon. I’m a Christian, a conservative Chn American & a 100% Trump supporter (in that order). I was also serving at board of OK Baptist (BGCO) …

Zhang has since deleted his Twitter account, but on his website (in Chinese) he says that he has quit Twitter because of false CCP allegations by Guo rather than by Sellin (Guo has also famously accused the Texas-based Pastor Bob Fu of being a CCP agent – Fu has reciprocated, and is suing).

UPDATE: In July 2021 the Rule of Law Society filed a case against Lude (under his legal name of Wang Dinggang) in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, alledging that “on or about July 12, 2021, Defendant turned on ROL, verbally attacking the ROL, its supporters and its donors referring to those support ROL as a ‘Cult'”. Further, “from sometime in February 2021, Defendant began to conspire against ROL and its supporters, including convincing Li-Meng Yan to turn on the Whistleblower Movement in order to attempt to destroy ROL from the inside”.

On the same day, ROL also apprently filed against Yan (quote via an informal re-posting of the document):

On or about, July 31, 2020, ROL and Yan entered into a grant letter agreement (the “Agreement”), whereby ROL was to pay $10,000.00 a month in order to help support Yan in furtherance what was believed by ROL to be the shared mission of exposing corruption within the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) and throughout the world.

In addition to the $10,000.00 per month payment, ROL also paid the sum of $8,800.00 to Yan’s landlord as a security deposit to make sure that Yan had housing.

…On or about July 12, 2021, Yan publicly turned on ROL, referring to the group, its donors, and fellow supporters as a “Cult”.

…Immediately upon hearing of Yan’s denigrating statements, ROL terminated the Agreement.

Upon information, Yan has breached her lease by failing to pay rent and by abandoning the apartment resulting in the likely forfeiture of the security deposit which is the property of ROL.


Yan’s original Twitter account @LiMengYAN119 was suspended last year; a new account using the name @DrLiMengYAN1 was created in October. Although it does not have a blue tick, it has been cited extensively in the media (including e.g. this trailer for a Fox interview with Tucker Carlson) and can be taken as genuine.

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  1. It is a potential bioweapon, in this case not specific to targets, but clearly was accidentally released as the route I mentioned in the past. Core Western intel does not believe it was deliberately released to affect the Chinese population. The accidental escape release was though, covered up by the Chinese authorities to hide the activities of the Wuhan lab. Viral genetic manipulation is the weapon of the future, as it can wipe out and cause on-going threats to opposition, but you don’t first experiment to that degree on your own people first !! That includes officials too….also causing serious economic damage to China. So the idea of intentional release can be set aside. Play with nature, and at some point, nature gets its revenge, by accident because no laboratory is 100% locked up. Was it just floating around in bats ? So why did it not infect the world before, like its fellow family corona virus influenza ? And there is some evidence the virus was genetically manipulated, rather than a naturally occurring mutation from the 400 coronavirus family types. Now 19 is out and about, of course it naturally mutates rapidly as all such viruses do, including influenza, but the central question is how it got started in the first place, and these laboratories do exist….

  2. Anyway, not all potential bioweapons are intended for release, but artificially manipulated in labs to discover how to combat perceived future created risks from political opponents in case such enemy created threats are created in the future. But if the experimental viruses accidentally escape, you get the results we see now.

  3. One ponders why the Chinese (an immensely practical people) who have in 20 years with a manufacturing economic miracle that has propelled over 770 million Chinese (over half the nation) into a burgeoning Middle Class would want to cause any damage to their world wide customer base.

    • Eric, that was the point I also made. The Chinese would not turn it on themselves intentionally. But it can happen accidentally.

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