Pastoral Couple in Devon Claim “Many” British Christians “Embraced” QAnon and Trump Prophecies

From a post by American neo-Pentecostal commentator Michael L. Brown, following a conversation with two British Christians:

They told me that many U.K. Christians were terribly disappointed with the defeat of Donald Trump. They shared that, to their knowledge, there were hundreds of thousands of British Christians who were looking to Trump as a kind of savior-figure. This was absolutely astounding to them, as they said to me, “Donald Trump is not even our president.”

…They also told me that the failed Trump prophecies had impacted many churches in England, specifically the charismatic and Pentecostal churches. They said that in every church they knew of, people had been negatively affected.

…This pastoral couple also told me that many Christians had embraced the QAnon conspiracy theories, even within their own church. They spoke of well-educated people, committed Christian people, who had dropped out of their congregations because of the conspiracy theories.

These conspiracy theorists believed that they had uncovered the real truth of the matter, causing them to scorn the pastor and his wife whom, they claimed, did not have sufficient spiritual discernment to recognize what was actually taking place.

An accompanying video clarifies that Brown was speaking with Jon and Louise Sibley, a pastoral couple associated with the Crossroad Christian Fellowship in Seaton, Devon. Of course, one should be wary of relying too heavily on an anecdotal impression, but their perspective is worth noting.

Brown has recently promoted a Christian book called The QAnon Deception: Everything You Need to Know about the World’s Most Dangerous Conspiracy Theory, and he is scathing of attempts by co-religionists to rationalise failed Trump re-election prophecies by claiming that Trump is president in heaven or may yet return. Incongruously, he has expressed these views on Charisma News, a neo-Pentecostal news site notable for spreading conspiracy theories and Trump “prophets”.

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  1. I am not familiar with the QAnon Conspiracy Theory, nor with any of the purported prophetic predictions of Trump’s victory in the US Presidential Election of 2020. But I and a great many Christian people on both sides of the Atlantic would admit that we still don’t know yet which candidate would have won that election, Trump or Biden, if all valid votes were properly counted, and no invalid votes were counted; in other words, who “really” won the election, so-to-speak.

    This unknown truth is potentially scientifically knowable, albeit as a probability distribution rather than a binary. The probability that Biden really won, can be calculated from the data obtained from a full audit of a sample of votes. But it will likely remain unknown unless the USA’s government bothers to find out the truth. Since the USA is one of the few nation states left that haven’t yet signed up to the Declaration on Criteria for Free and Fair Elections, any obligation that would in other countries be an international treaty obligation of the state to ensure that the integrity of its elections, is merely a moral obligation in the USA, and one that does not appear to be being taken at all seriously in the corridors of power, especially since the inauguration of Joe Biden.

    I believe that the apathy towards this unkown (but by no means scientifically unknowable) truth of (as I call them) the “complacency theorists”, who are mainly pleased that Biden is in the White House, is at least as displeasing to The God of Truth as the apathy towards the truth of any of the conspiracy theorists who’d have preferred the combined Senate and House vote-counting session of 6th January to have backed their alternative, equally uninformed guess, that the election was (as some of them put it) “stolen”, and then left it at that.

    Until Americans hunger and thirst after the righteousness of having in the White House nobody but the candidate who they at last know really won (or would have won) a free and fair election, why should anybody’s guess as to who will be in the White House in two years time be considered any better (more righteous or a better bet) than anybody else’s, even though Joe Biden is there now?

    I’ve explained the way to avoid getting into this mess and the way out of it, in the following two blog posts on JohnAllman.UK.

    Do the science, Mr President, to give peace a chance

    Who really won, Biden or Trump?

    • Joe Biden won with an over 5 million majority vote. There is no question on who won as every Republican run states attested to a properly run election. The US Supreme Court scotched the notion there was any fraud and refused to hear a single case as no evidence was produced. These people are experts and at the ‘coal face’ of voting. To make such appalling claims as “who won” is an utter disgrace and an insult to the American people.
      The fact some supposed Christians viewed the con artist Trump as a savior just demonstrates what creeps they are and how they haven’t a single notion of what Christ (allegedly) stood for.
      The fact that more Americans in the history of US elections voted for the very Catholic Joe Biden who made no secret of his religion and attended well publicized Church services shows the vast majority of Americans- the most religious Western country on the planet chose Biden over the ungodly Trump who has never exhibited a single religious trait or belief or been seen in a church in his life should put the matter to rest.
      ## I always have to add a rider. The creepy Donald Trump has owed me $3000 for nearly 20 years when he ripped me off for 3 weeks work i did for him. Only then did I find that I was just one of 1000s he had ripped over the decades & what small fry I was which explains the absolute hatred people have for him in New York City.
      I think BARTS NOTES hits the nail on the head when it comes to discussing religious matters and always offers up fascinating stories, always from a truthful angle. I’m pretty sure extreme right winger hang in the sidelines ready to try and neuter it’s influence. They don;lt succeed.

      • 66

        To make such appalling claims as “who won” is an utter disgrace and an insult to the American people.


        The question (it isn’t a claim) could be answered scientifically. To claim that it is known that Biden won fair and square when so many Americans doubt that, is an insult to those American people. Not to want the scientific answer is an insult to the God ot truth. Biden should be as discontent that his election remains disputed as Trump was.

        Biden won the popular vote by 5 million, but that is not determinative as to who should have won in the Electoral College, for which some vote auditing was needed.

        It simply isn’t true that “the Supreme Court scotched the notion there was any fraud and refused to hear a single case as no evidence was produced”. Only today, I learnt that sentence had been passed on one individual recently convicted of electoral fraud. There is spreadsheet of all the litigation. Trump and other alleging vote fraud won some, and lost others for want of the courts accepting jurisdiction rather than a want of evidence. In most cases, the courts never looked at the evidence at all. Rightly so to some extent, since, as I warned in my first blog post (before the inauguration of Biden), it wasn’t the *necessary* evidence, which only a proper audit of the votes in the key marginal states could bring to light. That doesn’t absolved Biden of a duty to ensure that his own election was free and fair though.

        I agree that this is a good blog. Rather than clutter it up, why not engage with my argument, in either of the two relevant blog posts mentioned in my own post here, posted nearly 3 months ago, to which you replied somewhat grumpily today?

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