A Note on Lin Wood and the “Cabala Harris” Nickname

From Capital Beat News Service, earlier this month:

Republican leaders in Georgia delivered different responses Friday to President Donald Trump’s claims of voting irregularities

…Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel…. was joined at the podium by former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, Trump’s agriculture secretary; outgoing state Rep. Vernon Jones; and attorney Lin Wood, who intentionally mispronounced Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris’ name as “Cabala” Harris during his remarks.

Wood has now achieved greater prominence after stating that he has been working closely with Sidney Powell, the former federal prosecutor whose wide-ranging and conspiratorial claims of electoral fraud have been eagerly embraced by many Trump supporters (but that have apparently proven too extravagant for Trump himself). In the wake of his announcement, Wood has made a further reference to “Cabala Harris” on his Twitter feed, which also includes numerous Biblical quotes and religious exhortations.

Apparently, the abusive nickname has been going around for some time. It’s significance is not simply wilfully ignorant mockery of an unusual name (as in Georgia Senator David Perdue’s “Kamala-mala-mala”) or some vague allusion to a “Deep State” cabal – it is pointedly meant to associate Harris with the Jewish mystical tradition. Other, more explicit, variants on Twitter include “Kabbalah Heiress” and even “Kabbalah Haaretz”, referring to the left-of-centre Israeli newspaper. These must be allusions to the fact that Harris’s husband is Jewish, and there is a wider context here in that kabbalah is regarded with suspicion by many evangelicals, who see its esoteric doctrines and practices as occultism rather than spiritual exercise. The implication is that Harris is some kind of witch, embroiled with malign supernatural forces and hidden networks through her Jewish husband.

As such, it is surprising that Wood’s “Cabala” rhetoric has not drawn more adverse comment.

Footnote: The Capital Beat News Service report refers to “Kalama Harris”; this has been silently corrected in the above quote.

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  1. I’d never heard of the witty, satirical nickname until you mentioned it, but instantly I made several of the wry associations you listed. I shall certainly use it myself, now that you have put the idea in my head. I find your complete deficit of a sense of humour when faced with this nickname quite disturbing. I hope to G_d you never accidentally watch Mel Brook’s movie The Producers. Please don’t. You’ll have kittens.

    • I did not know Harris was married to a Jew. What were the odds of that then? 40 to 1 or so based on population? So it is unlikely there will be any of them in Biden’s team. Harris infamously called for the riots to continue even after the election. I expect her husband is a moderating influence.

      As for the cabala all I know is that freemasonry was based largely on it (a subject I know equally little about). At the end of the15th C the precocious Pico della Mirandola was fascinated by it to the extent that he declared that it provided the most convincing proof of Church doctrine. Magical thinking describes Cabala Harris pretty well. (That was a joke.) It might catch on as a girl’s name.

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