Jon Wedger Joins Forces with “Satanic deep state” Conspiracy Theorist

Self-described “police whistleblower” Jon Wedger continues his seemingly never-ending odyssey through the UK conspiracy milieu:


on Wed 21st Nov at midday when JON will be giving a letter to every MP regarding the following;

the public want an independent body to investigate child abuse –

protection for whistle blowers reporting abuse-

investigation into media persecution of Police Officers and MPs attempting to expose child abuse

DECENCY calling for IBETICA – Independent Body Established To Investigate Child Abuse

There is of course already a high-profile Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse currently going on (the IICSA), but presumably its failure to confirm the existence of wide-ranging “VIP abuse” and Satanic Ritual Abuse conspiracies has resulted in dissatisfaction.

“DECENCY” in the above refers to a “Campaign for Decency”. This is name that one Jeff Godwin (1) gives to his activity as a self-described “film maker researcher and activist” who is investigating “the pedophile Satanic deep state”. Godwin has made several short videos with Wedger since January, often associated with protests in London – in one recent video, the two men said that an unnamed male MP had approached them to offer support at one such event, but that this person had supposedly been smeared in the media shortly thereafter.

Godwin has various videos on his YouTube channel with conspiracy themes, the most alarming of which is perhaps “GRENFELL TOWER – DELIBERATELY CAUSED TO KEEP THEIR SOCK PUPPET IN POWER”. In this one, Godwin, in conversation with a self-described “freelance journalist” in America named Ramola D, asserted his confidence that the Grenfell Tower fire was deliberate arson by the security services, serving both as an occult ritual burning of children in the spirit of The Wicker Man and as a diversion following Theresa May’s poor performance in the 2017 general election.

This may seem marginal, but it should be remembered that Wedger also has mainstream associations, as I’ve noted before: Wedger’s initial claims that he was forced out of the Metropolitan Police for exposing organised child-sex abuse were endorsed by Mike Penning MP and carried by the Sunday Express, and he recently appeared with Maggie Oliver, the police officer at the centre of exposing the Rochdale grooming gang. He also claims to be in contact with Chief Constable Mike Veale, notorious for his handling of allegations against the late Edward Heath, although Veale has not confirmed this, and with Andrew Bridgen MP.

At the same time, though, Wedger has thrown himself into a circuit of fringe conspiracy theorists and activists: he has given speeches to Sacha Stone’s “International Tribunal for Natural Justice” and the fringe Democrats and Veterans Party; been interviewed by Rodney Hearth, an elderly British evangelical QAnon enthusiast who runs his own TV station; and made numerous videos with Bill Maloney, an aggressive figure known for making extravagant allegations. A few months ago, Maloney was shown by Brian Harvey to have manipulated a vulnerable adult into making allegations – Wedger, though, rebuffed an appeal from Harvey about this, denouncing his approach as “harassment”.


1. This Jeff Godwin should not be confused with an American fundamentalist preacher of the same name who rails against rock-and-roll music as evidence of Satanism.

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  1. Interesting stuff. I do wonder whether Wedger might be one reason for American evangelical Satan-hunter Thomas Dunn’s visit to London, as Dunn seems keen to build some sort of UK-based network to push the SRA agenda, and has been boasting about the connections he’s made via Wilfred Wong.

    A small correction to your otherwise excellent post, BTW: the International Tribunal for Natural Justice is not an Annett production, though it sounds as if it ought to be. It’s the product of Sacha Stone, who describes himself as a former rock musician and as a “public speaker, publisher, writer, and film-maker whose raison d’etre is to dynamically assist the emergence of all free and sovereign people of the world from a legacy of bonded slavery”. As one does.

  2. Yes, very interesting.

    Just so readers have an understanding of how fundies bend and twist memes to suit their agenda; and in the interests of accuracy:

    The Wicca Man was a 1973 film starring Edward Woodward and Christopher Lee about a remote Scottish Island where ancient Celtic Pagan (NOT Satanic) worship and belief had survived alongside modernity.

    It became a ‘cult’ film because of the well structured story line where Woodward, a local policeman, comes to investigate the goings on and is captured and ultimately burned alive as a human sacrifice to ‘pagan gods’.

    The writer based his story on the legend of The Bartle. A life-size wicker effigy burned at Beltaine (May 1st) (one of the four Celtic seasonal festivals) which was once a common festivity in ancient times all over Europe and has been revivified as a holiday spectacle in various places today, including West Witton in North Yorkshire which kept up the practice most concurrently.

    Keen observers will see the remnants of Burning the Bartle in the making and burning of effigies of Guy Fawkes on bonfire night.

    There is absolutely no historical evidence to suggest that giant Wicker Men were built to encompass victims who were burned alive. There is one contested mention in Julius Caeser’s writings which historians now see as military propaganda.

    There is no evidence that Celtic pagans practiced human sacrifice. In several instances human remains have been found under standing stones and in post-holes of ancient stone monuments. Some bored and fanciful Xist archaeologists have interpreted these as ‘sacrifices’ but most see them as a form of sacred internment for high-status people.

    In any event the occurrence of several discoveries of this kind does not indicate a regular ceremonial form of sacrifice considering the thousands of Celtic pagan prehistoric sites which contain no such ‘sacrifices’.

    The Grenfell Tower link is of course a sub-set of the Twin-Towers meme where Conspiracyloons are convinced that Zionists in the U.S. government actually planted special bombs to blow up the Twin-Towers so the Military Industrial complex could start further wars in the Middle-East.

    Because in the case of Grenfell there was no bomb, the Wicker-Man lie has been brought in to ‘explain’ the fire. The main reason why Grenfell has been woven into this obviously fallacious story is because of it’s power to monopolise the moral imperative. Witness the threatment of the two hapless guys who burned an effigy of Grenfell in their back-garden as a joke.

    The fact that Wedger thinks he can get away with mailing all MPs with ideas backed by this nonsense is testimony to the grip fundies have on our society.

    Please note that, again, for the millionth time, even though the fundies are perfectly aware of the fact that Paganism and Satanism are entirely different beliefs (Pagans do not have a devil figure in their cosmology and Satanists are , by definition, all lapsed Christians , not pagans) they again obscure and consciously confuse the ancient Pagan Religion ( which was the indigenous religion of the British Isles for thousands of years before Christian missionaries came here to ideologically take over the country), with Satanism in order to disenfranchise the world’s oldest religion based on a thousand years of their cheating and lies which apparently remains as effective now as it was in the Middle-Ages.

    Tony Rhodes

    • “There is no evidence that Celtic pagans practiced human sacrifice.”

      By contrast, there is, unfortunately, plenty of evidence that Christians violently repressed alternative religions, e.g., the massacres of the Cathars in France.

    • “the Twin-Towers meme where Conspiracyloons are convinced that Zionists in the U.S. government actually planted special bombs to blow up the Twin-Towers”

      I think you’ve got that wrong. I’ve seen that theory accusing Thelemites, not Zionists.

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