Jon Wedger and Satanic Ritual Abuse

In recent months I have blogged several times about Jon Wedger, a self-described “police whistleblower” who says that he was bullied out of his job with the Metropolitan Police over his investigations into organised child abuse. Wedger’s initial claims were endorsed by Mike Penning MP and carried by the Sunday Express, and he recently appeared with Maggie Oliver, the police officer at the centre of exposing the Rochdale grooming gang.

Wedger has also made a number of videos with Bill Maloney, an “alternative media” activist who makes extravagant claims about organised “VIP child sex abuse”, and when Maloney’s questionable practices were brought to Wedger’s attention by the former pop-singer Brian Harvey Wedger’s response was to accuse Harvey of harassing him. Last month, he spoke at the Democrats and Veterans Party conference.

Perhaps inevitably, Wedger’s activism has gradually led him into the most sensational subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse; thus he recently made a video interview with Vicky Ash, a “Satanic Ritual Abuse survivor” associated with Wilfred Wong. Ash, who is in her fifties, claims that she was raised within a Satanic coven and subjected to ritual abuse from an early age, but that although police showed an initial interest in her allegations, officers then mysteriously became “poorly” or were taken off the case. Her case was also apparently taken up by Geoffrey Dickens; she says that they were interviewed for the BBC’s Panorama in the early 1990s, but that the tapes are now “lost”. She also refers to Dickens’s supposed “lost dossier”, which I discussed here.

At some point, Ash converted to Christianity, coming into contact with Dennis Wrigley and the Maranatha Community (previously blogged here). Her rhetoric is suffused with familiar evangelical tropes about the supposed influence of Satanism and malign occult influences: she warns against Halloween, suggests that Hollywood films such as Eyes Wide Shut are based on the reality of Satanism, and alludes to Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan as further evidence. (1) In her view, claims about Satanic Ritual Abuse are dismissed due to “fear”; nowhere is there an acknowledgement of false allegations during the 1980s and early 1990s.

In the same video, Wedger refers to Joan Coleman’s list of supposed VIP abusers (better known as the “RAINS list“), and to claims that former Prime Minister Edward Heath was involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse (2) – Wedger believes that this last point was proven by Wiltshire Police’s posthumous investigation into Heath, and that criticisms of Wiltshire’s Chief Constable Mike Veale are unwarranted “attacks”. (3) He also says that SRA is included in police training materials, the Orkney allegations in particular.

Wedger also commends Audrey Harper’s book Dance with the Devil, and tells Ash that he has spent time with a South African Catholic priest who lamented to him that unlike in Africa people in Britain do not understand the existence of “the darkness”.

Hoaxstead has more on Ash here. She has not disclosed the names of her parents or other family members, and “Ash” appears to be her married surname. As such, it is impossible to subject her claims to scrutiny.


1. Specifically, Ash refers to a Satanist in the Royal Marines – this would be Chris Cranmer, a member of the Church of Satan who was reported in the media in 2004.

2. According to the conspiracy theorist Robert Green, Heath was on the RAINS list because “five witnesses, all totally independent of each other, had provided, years ago, evidence of being sexually assaulted by Heath”. Wedger inflates this into the claim that each name on the list was only included because five people had named the person concerned.

3. Wedger claims to be in private contact with Veale.

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  1. Here’s our “beauty therapist” with her Christoria [!] Beauty Salon:

    She mentions her ‘Fit For Life’ ministry around the 4’45” mark of this eye-opening/eye-popping video after informing us that “even as a little girl God had his hand on me” – blimey! She would “manifest” when entering churches as a kiddie – presumably when she slipped the grasp of her father (Satanist) and wicked mother (a witch).

    An interview here between Wong and Ash:

    Some highlights:
    “They described being drugged and taken away in a white Rolls Royce to a house that resembled the one that I had told the police about.”

    Those bloody Rollers again! Meanwhile, the business seems to have switched focus:

    “I used to operate a successful beauty salon. I am married with three children and now run a Holistic Christian Ministry called ‘Christoria’. Its work includes helping other SRA survivors and warning people that some beauty treatments on offer are Occultic.”

    So, have Satan’s claws pried off your back while receiving warnings about anti-wrinkle ointments and what not – quite a combination!

    (Her ‘Satanic abuser’ is still at large, she claims, and a “very major threat to children”. Why, he even tried to open a nursery for 40 of ’em…)

    • [At 16’30” she starts blathering about her supposed involvement with Dickens and his ‘dossier’.
      Then it’s on to VIP paedophile rings and, er, Cyril Smith (Satanist), Jimmy Savile (Satanist), etcetera.

      And that’s about enough for me!]

    • 37’25” – regression therapy
      38’30” – “full-blown flashback”
      38″50″ – Melanie Shaw
      39’55” – “We’re living in the end times”
      40’05” – “My case went to the police in ’92… … it was linked to the Leslie Molseed trial… … paedophile ring… … I’ve always felt that my father was linked to that case… … by the way Ronald Castree who is now serving that sentence had a shop right near my father’s house, right near my father’s shop in Ashton…”
      59’40” – she drags her supremely bored daughter – who has spent her time playing with her ‘phone – into the proceedings and elicits a cracking eye-roll. Nevertheless daughter seems to be in agreement with the anti-homo nonsense that has them all a-whooping.

  2. Excellent work Richard,

    Ash and your correspondents need not worry. The SAFF has been carefully stockpiling most Media programs and broadcasts since 1988 and so we should be able to locate and publish Ash’s earlier claims to subject them to scrutiny.

    However, during the 1990s there were literally THOUSANDS of such programmes. So many that, with the passage of time, imposters can easily hide behind them. We need some more info as to subject, heading, title, other people interviewed, approximate date etc., to enable us to ferret the clips out and get to the bottom of her claims. Anyone have a clue?

    For what it is worth, I do not remember any such case used by Dickens, though his ‘dossier’ was a conglomeration of false claims and hysteria sent in to him by letter from strangers, usually Christian fundamentalists, whom he never met but whose stories he opportunistically used without corroboration to push along his media campaign.

    The SAFF have probably the largest selection of cuttings in our research library and programmes to check on, but during that period they centred on claims BY ADULTS of small children being abused/killed. The switch to first-person testimony by adult victim-imposters like Ash occurred in the mid 1990s following the failed Rochdale and Orkney SRA cases when the govt ruled out repetitive questioning of small children by the social services. In short Ash’s story does not gel with the history.

    You will find the true background to Dickens SRA campaign and a valuable unique time-line of his scaremongering here:

    Tony Rhodes

    BTW: Can you make it clear when quoting the ‘Rains List’ (AKA Helen G List) in future that it was the SAFF which first obtained, identified. dated and published this along with important attendant information and falsities in our webpage:

    It has since been copied across the web with no acknowledgment leaving newcomers with a partial view of the document and its impact.


    • Hi Richard,

      Sorry it has taken so long to locate the video that Wilfred Wong and Vicky Ash alluded to as ‘the Panorama Video’. here:

      It was in fact ‘In Satan’s Name’ which we have had reason to mention previously as the fundie conspiracyloons appear to think that it contains some irrefutable evidence to ‘prove’ their beliefs about Satanic Ritual Child Abuse. Actually the reverse is true. The programme clearly DISPROVES SRA.

      Recently Vicky has been ‘bigging-up’ her link with the 1990 Witch-finder General Geoffrey Dickens. In particular her part in ‘the BBC Panorama programme’ which , by using the name of this long-running BBC documentary series, carries kudos. Neither she nor Wong bothers to actually name the Panorama programme, but fear not dear reader, the SAFF has found it.

      The truth of the matter is that Vicky Ash’s contribution to Panorama’s ‘In Satan’s Name?’ lasted exactly thirty seconds!
      Thirty seconds of uncorroborated drivel about pentagrams and tunnels told to Geoffrey Dickens, a proven liar, homophobic bigot and philanderer who has, since his death in 1994, been lauded by the SRAhunters as some kind of childrens’ champion when in fact he helped destroy the lives of over 80 children by repeating utterly unproven false accusations for which he had no evidence whatsoever.

      Moreover, what Wilfred Wong nor Vicky Ash did NOT tell you is that Martin Bashir’s excellent documentary actually destroyed their position. It blew the lid of false accusations of Satanic Ritual Abuse and DISPROVED the allegations both here in the UK and in the U.S.A. where Bashir, a committed Christian himself, charted the rise of the lies and in particular the false allegations from Christian Satanic Victim Imposters. I mean, did Vicky not remember that the programme concluded that Satanic Ritual Abuse did not exist and was being promoted by fantasists?

      Thus Wong and Ash try to impress their readers with heinous tales of Satanic Abuse by name-dropping a Panorama programme which completely scotches the SRA myth and their claims on it! Thank goodness for the SAFF. We have the complete programme in our video vault and you can see the extracts from it, including the 30 second appearance of Vicky Ash, here:

      Notably, this was the video that Anna Brees (Jon Wedger’s girlfriend) was apparently seeking from us a few months ago. Won’t that be a disappointment!

      Tony Rhodes

  3. Wedger’s reeled another one in, this time a psychiatrist:

    Around about the 22 minute mark ‘alters’ are mentioned before Wedger brings up “ritualistic” abuse, and Dr Ali Ajaz states that “something like SRA” could indeed provoke D.I.D., though unsurprisingly he hasn’t actually come across any himself. I’ve only dipped into the video so may have missed some nuggets.

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